Cluster Management Excellence Label GOLD

Welfare Tech is named one of the best cluster organisations in Europe for the effort in promoting innovation, development and implementation of products and services for better healthcare and homecare.

The European Commission’s quality assurance system, The European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), have awarded Welfare Tech a gold certification in 2014 and 2016. It is the highest recognition a European cluster organisation can achieve. In order to qualify for the "Cluster Management Excellence Label GOLD" the cluster management at Welfare Tech meet certain levels of excellence in terms of structure of the cluster, governance, financing, strategy, services and recognition.

Welfare Tech was the first cluster organisation in Europe to be awarded a gold label in the category "Health and medical science".

The gold certification gives Welfare Tech an excellent position in Europe, both in terms of establishing new partnerships with international companies and research institutions, and in terms of attracting European funding for projects focused on the development and implementation of healthcare and homecare technologies, which are also known as “welfare technologies.”

- Welfare Tech have shown that it creates value for its members to provide knowledge about the market for health and welfare technology, and to support members’ visibility in that market. The certification provide us with easier access to highly qualified international partners, who can contribute knowledge and networks in international markets, and increase our opportunities for funding for projects and activities in the area, says Troels Bierman Mortensen, board member, Welfare Tech.

Unique collaboration with effect

The certification is a tribute to the operators in the Danish cluster and to the close cooperation, which has developed between companies and public stakeholders, including hospitals, municipalities and research and educational institutions. Together, they develop, test and implement new solutions, which help streamline the healthcare system, and which empower patients to take responsibility for their own health and treatment and to receive integrated care in their own homes.

- This certification is a recognition of Welfare Tech as an organisation and of the members’ willingness to share knowledge and engage in partnerships, so that companies have a share in knowledge, which would otherwise stay locked away in the public sector. It is a prize for everyone involved. Companies experience the enhancement and development of their expertise and skills, so they can design and sell products and solutions, which can be exported throughout the world. Meanwhile, the public sector get the opportunity to increase productivity through the implementation of new solutions, and thereby improving their efforts on behalf of the citizens, says Jens Ole Pedersen, Philips Healthcare Denmark, and Chairman of the Board for Welfare Tech.

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