Welfare Tech was established in​ 2010 with funding from Syddansk Vækstforum (Growth Forum of Southern Denmark), the European Regional Development Fund and funding from private companies, Odense Municipality and University of Southern Denmark.

The construction of new super hospitals in Denmark and forward-thinking municipalities are actively participating in shaping an innovative environment for development, test and implementation of new technologies and services in healthcare, homecare and social services.

Welfare Tech uses this platform for business development and business growth by creating active networks, dialogue between companies and links between companies and public stakeholders.

Through Welfare Tech, member organisations gain contact to decision makers, leaders and specialists in the area in order to develop, test and implement new products, which – when they succeed – obtain a “blue stamp” for sale on the Danish and global markets. The intention is clear and unambiguous: To utilise built-in synergies to create new business opportunities with extensive user focus and involvement.

The demographic challenge

The public health sector in Denmark is facing increasing challenges as the number of senior citizens increases. While the demands directed at the social and health care sectors increases, the workforce is steadily reduced, resulting in a decreasing number of human resources available to perform the services in demand.

The only solution to the resulting ‘gap’ is dedicated investments in innovation and development of new technologies to take over tasks that do not require actual human interaction. New technologies are a major element in finding solutions to the massive challenges that we face in the very near future.

These are the challenges that Welfare Tech aims to meet. The objective is to realise the commercial potential inherent in products and solutions based on welfare technologies and to establish a strong industry that can supply society with the new solutions necessary to maintain the desired services in the social and health care sectors. Solutions that will ensure improved public services, increased productivity in the public sectors and increased employee satisfaction while also ensuring growth, exports and new jobs in the private sectors.

Grants and funding

Welfare Tech was established in January 2010 based on funding from Syddansk Vækstforum (Growth Forum of Southern Denmark) and the European Regional Development Fund, plus co-funding from private companies, Odense Municipality and University of Southern Denmark.

At the same time, Welfare Tech set up an association for members: private companies, public institutions, and research and education institutions, working with development, sale and implementation of health and welfare innovation. The association, simply named Welfare Tech, is financed by the members and has a board representing the shareholders. The board plays a key role in overseeing the organisation and ensuring that Welfare Tech operates in the best interests of its shareholders.

Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative

Welfare Tech is awarded The Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), Proven for Cluster Excellence. 

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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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