Private Policy at Welfare Tech

​The private policy is designed as a guide to help you understand, which kind of data Welfare Tech collects, why we collect it, and what it is used for. Your rights in proportion to Welfare Tech’s processing of your personal information is described too. Lastly, Welfare Tech is data responsible.

When you visit Welfare Tech’s website, use our event registration forms, visit Welfare Tech’s social media platforms, or address us digitally, we collect information about you. Below you will find clarifications about the collected information, the purpose, and the time of period it will be storage. Further, as part of our business model, Welfare Tech registers and processes information about persons we are dialoguing with to constantly improve the services we provide.

Personal Information 

Personal information composes all kind of information regarding an individual. When you use Welfare Tech’s website – or in another way are in contact with us – we collect and process a string of information. Examples are, when you use our website, sign up for our newsletter, use our event registration forms, participate in surveys, or address us by e-mail or phone.   

Typically, we collect and process the information listed below:  

  • Full name, e-mail, phone numbers, and company or organization  
  • By using our website, your unique computer-, tablet-, or smartphone ID, technical device information, and IP address are collected as well as information about your behaviour according to links and web pages you visit.  
  • Regarding employees, information necessary for wage administration, play by the rules of employment contracts, terms of payment regarding taxes, and pension are collected. Additional information regarding CPR or ID number, driver’s license number, a copy of driver’s license, and photos are processed and storage under existing laws.  

Note, Welfare Tech does not collect sensitive personal information.  


Welfare Tech has made the necessary technical and organizational arrangements in case your personal information accidental or illegal are removed or deleted, published, lost, reduced, abused, or got to an unauthorized person’s knowledge, or moreover, are processed against the laws.


The information is used to identify you, give you and the company or organization you represent the best services, manage participation in activities and events, invoicing, satisfaction surveys, marketing and promotion such as newsletters or sales activities, and profiling. Comprising, Welfare Tech uses the information to optimize our services and content.

Time of Period for Storage 

The information is in storage for the time of period required for documentation by each project or required under existing laws. Welfare Tech deletes information when they no longer serve a purpose. The time of period for storage depends on the type of project, which the information is included in, the characteristics, and the criteria for storage. According to electronic marketing, your information will be in storage until Welfare Tech finds the information does not serve any purpose in regard to the aim of collecting the information – or you apply to have the information deleted.

Distribution of Information 

Information regarding your usage of Welfare Tech’s website etc. is shared with third parties with the aim to do analyse on web statistics. Moreover, Welfare Tech uses third parties to storage and processing of data. They process the information on behalf of Welfare Tech’s responsibility and are not allowed to use it for own purpose. The information is distributed to collaborators in countries within the EU and in special cases outside the EU.

Insight and Complaints 

You have the rights to be informed about, which information Welfare Tech processes concerning you. You can at any time take exception to your information is processed. If you have given consent to the process of your personal information, you can at any time revocate your consent. If your processed personal information is wrong, you have the rights to have them adjusted or deleted. Further, you have the rights to have your personal information handed out.

Enquiries can be addressed to: kurf@welfaretech.dk.

Welfare Tech does not possess a data protection consultant but has appointed an employee to take responsibility for Welfare Tech’s processing of personal information.

If you have any complaints regarding our processing of personal information, you have the possibility to address Datatilsynet directly.  

Cookie Policy at Welfare Tech  

Welfare Tech’s website uses “cookies”. A cookie is a text file which is stored on your computer, smartphone, or tablet with the aim of remembering preferences, make statistics, and target advertisements such as invitations to Welfare Tech events. Cookies cannot contain damaging codes like virus. Cookies are automatically deleted when they reach the determined service life. The service life differs from cookie to cookie. It is possible to delete or block cookies.  

If you delete or block cookies, the website will not perform optimally and there might be content you cannot reach or read.  

The website contains cookies from third parties too. These cookies help Welfare Tech with statistics regarding the activity on the website.

Welfare Tech, 25.08.2018

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