VR, Gaming & NextGen technologies in Healthcare

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Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Building 101B

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Start: 10.10.2018 | at 10:20 AM

End: 10.10.2018 | at 12:20 PM

How can we take advantage of innovative sensory technologies using audio, light, gaming and VR/AR when it comes to health? How can we support the development of new, safer and more effective interventions? The focus will be on emerging technologies and future trends, featuring groundbreaking research and inspiring industry cases and business applications. Whether you’re a researcher, business executive, IT- specialist, healthcare professional or just interested in the area, this track will give you knowledge of the newest trends and a glance into the future of your industry.


  • Introduction: “The importance of Sensory Technologies in Healthcare” and a brief introduction to the “Sound &Health” project “, Kira Vibe Jespersen, Post.Doc, AU Center for Music in the Brain
  • Tech Talk: “NextGen technologies in Healthcare”, Henrik Hautop Lund, Professor DTU Elektro
  • Business Talk: “Neuro-gaming & health”, Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO, Brain+
  • Tech Talk: “Transforming Healthcare by Leveraging Illusions of Presence in Virtual Environments”, Niels Chr. Nilsson, Assistant Professor, Aalborg University
  • Business Talk: “VR therapy applications”, Paula Epure, COO, VR-rehab
  • Debate: “How can we take advantage of NextGen technologies in healthcare”? Participants: Jacob Høy Berthelsen, Janus Laust Thomsen, and Sine Jensen

Facilitator: Anders Høeg Nissen, Techjournalist, podcaster, speaker moderator

This event is arranged by Welfare Tech, Danish Sound Network in the context of the project Sound & Health.

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Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Building 101B
Kgs. Lyngby

Date, Start:

at 10:20 AM

Date, End:

at 12:20 PM


Danish Sound Network & Welfare Tech


Participation in the event is free, but registration to High Tech Summit is necessary.


Ima Mustafic

Project Manager, MBA

Danish Sound Network

T: +45 9351 1539

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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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