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Webinar: Market entry, presence and communication strategy for the German Market

Get insights that allow you to prepare the perfect pitch for the German market.


Smartphone, tablet &

Own computer

Start: 23.08.2019 | at 10:00 AM

End: 23.08.2019 | at 10:45 AM

Meet the German market for health and care technology with the right communicative skills. How well do you know the German business culture? And how well are you prepared to meet the decision makers in the German healthcare sector?  Be ready when Senior Strategic planner Beate Kornfeld, Fingerspitz provide you with insigths that will allow you to meet the decision-makers in the German healthcare sector in the right way. CEO Lars Jessen, Life-Partners has several years experience with health IT in the German Healthcare sector, and will contribute with his experiences of  “do’s and don’ts”. 

In this webinar you will gain knowledge about “Market entry, presence and communication skill for the German Market”:

  • The perfect pitch
  • Identify the right target group (desk research to validate hospitals, elderly homes, private market)
  • How do I behave in the first meeting (communication skills, hierarchy, culture, CEO presence)
  • How do I say goodbye?
  • How do we keep in touch? (SoMe, Email communication)

It is easy to participate – directly from your workplace.

The four webinars in the series are:

April 12th, 2019 Entering the German Market – Choice of Market Strategy

May 24th, 2019 German reimbursement system

June 21st, 2019 Drivers that motivate German Healthcare Management to invest in new technologies

23. August 2019 Market entry, presence and communication strategy 

The complexity of the German healthcare model is astounding. It is, therefore, an accomplishment in it-self, that Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Wichelhaus manage to talk participants from the Nordic countries through the business models in the German healthcare system. The spectators get insights to the drivers that can motivate German healthcare managers to invest in innovative technologies.

Did you miss out on the seminars in February and March, you can still get access to a video and join the Digital Health & Care programme about the German healthcare market. Contact Michelle Møller Esbensen, Welfare Tech, mime@welfaretech.dk, and learn more.

The webinars are delivered as part of the initiative Digital Health & Care 4.0, where five Nordic health and care tech clusters join forces to bring Nordic health and care innovations to Germany in collaboration with the German cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover (with members from hospitals, nursing homes, homecare-providers, healthcare insurance companies, and AT suppliers).

The market introduction webinars are the second of a 6-step model that will help you clarify if you are ready for the German healthcare market:

Step 1. German Market introduction seminar

Step 2. Webinars giving you in-depth knowledge about the German market and the German business culture

Step 3. Deep Dive visit to the health and care market in Hannover, Germany

Step 4. MAST evaluation. Benchmark your products against the German market

Step 5. 1-to-1 market validation from German Experts: What should be your next move?

Step 6. Joint Nordic exhibition at Altenpflege 2020 – feedback from potential buyers

NB! All activities are held in English

Digital Health & Care 4.0 is financed by Nordic Innovation under the “Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges initiative”.



Smartphone, tablet &
Own computer

Date, Start:

at 10:00 AM

Date, End:

at 10:45 AM


Welfare Tech


Joining the webinars is free, but registration is necessary

More info:

Deadline for registration is the 23rd of August 2019 at 9:30PM

You participate through own computer, smartphone, or tablet. For best quality, headset and/or earphones are recommended, but it is not a necessity. You do not need to have a webcam.

When you have signed up for the webinar, you will receive a link, which you open 10 minutes before the webinar starts. Thereby, you have time to check the quality of sound and pictures.



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