The German Market for Health & Care Technologies

Are your products right for the German market? And is your company ready to enter the German market? Get the insights you need to make a first GO or NO-GO decision.

NOHO, the venue is in the basement

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Start: 26.02.2019 | at 1:00 PM

End: 26.02.2019 | at 4:30 PM

Rising costs for health care and the growing number of senior citizens push the German community. 11.3% of Germany's GDP, equivalent to EUR 4,330 per citizen, is now spent on health and social care. And the figure is only increasing. This calls for new reforms and assisting technologies that improves the efficiency and human resource empowerment.

This seminar gives you important information about the German market for health and care technology, and enables you to make the first GO or NO-GO decision to enter the German market or not. You will gain insight into the structure of the German healthcare system, the regulatory processes and the reimbursement system. German market experts in health and care will provide you with information that enables you to qualify the prospects of taking your product(s) to the German market. 

The German health and social care sector is rapidly transforming due to demographic changes and a series of reforms that are being implemented these years. The seminar gives you insights into the new trends and potentials, and you will learn how the changes will affect the opportunities for Nordic healthcare and care technologies on the German market. 

  • How is the structure of the German healthcare sector?
  • What are the challenges in the German health and social care system? 
  • How open is the German care market for health technologies? 
  • What kind of solutions has the greatest potentials?
  • What are the trends in the German healthcare market?
  • What is the reimbursement model in Germany?
  • What do you need to consider before entering the German market?

The seminar is delivered by five Nordic health and care tech clusters that have joined forces to bring Nordic health and care innovations to Germany, under the initiative Danish Health & Care 4.0. I collaboration with the German cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover, that has members from hospitals, nursing homes, homecare-providers, healthcare insurance companies, and AT suppliers, the Nordic clusters address the acute lack of care professionals in the German healthcare system and introduce Nordic solutions. Step-by-step Nordic companies are offered insights and clarification into the German market, network contacts and feedback from market experts.

If you are prevented from participating in this seminar, you will have the possibility to attend the same content in a seminar in Stavanger on March 4th, via livestreaming.


  • Welcome and program overview
  • Overview of the German healthcare sector and system (main actors, healthcare structure)
  • Status of the German healthcare market – opportunities and challenges (focus on home care and the hospital sector in Saxony, Germany)
  • Trends of the German healthcare market (innovation, health cards, professional employees)
  • Break
  • Entries to the German healthcare market (where do you get certificates, aid regulations, contact to insurances)
  • What do you need to consider when entering the German market (internationalisation strategy)?
  • Opportunities in the project Digital Health and Care 4.0 and how you apply to the project

Digital Health & Care 4.0 – a Go-to-Market concept in 6 steps

The market introduction seminar is the first of a 6-step model that will help you clarify if you are ready for the German Healthcare market – now, or later. The seminar will provide you with a strong network that might take you the first steps. 

The steps consist of:

  1. German Market introduction seminar
  2. Webinars giving you in-depth knowledge about the German market and German business culture
  3. Deep Dive visit to the health and care market in Hannover, Germany
  4. MAST evaluation. Benchmark your products against the German market. 
  5. 1-to-1 market validation from German Experts: What should be your next move?
  6. Joint Nordic exhibition at Altenpfege 2020 – feedback from potential buyers The event will be held in English.


The Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is a joint initiative by the Prime Ministers of the five Nordic countries to identify and promote Nordic sustainable solutions and strengths for global challenges. An extensive mapping and analysis of Nordic strengths within health technology have identified sustainable hospitals, smart digital solutions, assisted living technologies and personalised care to be Nordic positions of strength (Menon report).

The initiative's goal is to strengthen the Nordic message by bringing together companies from the five Nordic countries to: 

  • Demonstrate stronger combined knowledge and experience
  • Create a more complete solution and value proposition to German stakeholders
  • Combine efforts to gain access to decision-makers and market opportunities

Digital Health & Care 4.0 is financed under this initiative.

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges (English subtitles) from Healthcare DENMARK on Vimeo.



NOHO, the venue is in the basement
Flæsketorvet 28

Date, Start:

at 1:00 PM

Date, End:

at 4:30 PM


Welfare Tech



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Registration before February 25th 2019.

If you are prevented from participating in the seminar in Copenhagen you can livestream the programme from Stavanger on March 4th, 2019 via this link

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