Webinar: Are you ready for the Scottish market?

Get an introduction to the Scottish market and in-depth knowledge of access to a growing digital health market. The webinar is the first spring 2020 activity on sales and collaboration in  Scotland and can be accessed separately.


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Start: 06.02.2020 | at 3:00 PM

End: 06.02.2020 | at 4:00 PM

Scotland faces many of the same challenges we know in Denmark. An ageing population, rising health care costs, and a shortage of caregivers are calling for reforms and increased efficiency through digitalization and smart care technology.

The Scottish healthcare system is not favored with digital healthcare to the same extent as in Denmark. Therefore, Scotland is considered a 'growing market' when it comes to digital health technology - and a favourable opportunity for Danish companies who would like to expand beyond the borders of Denmark.

The webinar gives you

  • Understanding the health structure in Scotland
  • Knowledge of current challenges as well as smart solutions in the market
  • Understanding of current priorities in the health field
  • Insight into decision-making processes and implementation of processes in hospitals and the community.

The webinar is held by experienced Danish companies and Scottish experts from the government and NHS Scotland (National Health Service).

One of them is Nessa Barry, knowledge exchange manager specializing in technology-enabled care and digital health innovation at NHS National Services Scotland.

Nessa Barry is originally a trained nurse with a Health Sciences BSc. After working as a qualitative researcher at Aberdeen and Glasgow Universities, Nessa Barry has worked for the Scottish government, the e-Health Directorate and NHS Education for Scotland. She has extensive experience in telehealth development and internal development knowledge in NHS Scotland.

The webinar is the first part of a series of activities in the first half of 2020. The activities will support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to bring Danish health technology and digital care to the Scottish market.

The activities are organized by the Innovation Network Danish Healthtech, which supports companies from Denmark to collaborate with Scottish Development International (SDI) and facilitate the first introduction to a more in-depth knowledge of the Scottish market.

The webinar is followed by a trade mission from Scotland to Denmark in March and a trade mission from Denmark to Scotland in June.

Read more about the activities.



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at 3:00 PM

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