Boston series: Proof of Concept (#2 Panel Discussion)

Join 3 new virtual events to help you understand the Boston landscape of innovation and the opportunities it represent for Danish entrepreneurs and their innovative solutions. The events are offered by Innovation Center Denmark Boston in collaboration with Danish Healthtech.


Start: 11.11.2020 | at 3:00 PM

End: 11.11.2020 | at 4:00 PM

Now you have the opportunity to go a little deeper and build on the introduction to the US market you got this summer. Join the series of online events and learn more about raising capital, building a regulatory strategi and prof your concept. The 3 events will take form as a workshop, a webinar and a panel discussion respectively.

The Ecosystem in Boston

Is the US healthcare system ready to work with you and your organization? And are you ready for the US health care system? Get clarification by participating in an extended innovation course prepared in collaboration with Innovation Center Denmark Boston. It builds on the already held events in June and July (still available online).

As a participant, you will expand your network in Boston. One of the cities in the United States that is a leader in the digital healthcare industry. The state of Massachusetts, where Boston is located, has more than 80 hospitals and 15,000 physicians. In 2018 alone, USD 4.8 billion was raised by Life Science companies. Meaning that Boston is one of the right places to start if you want to enter the US market.

How to avoid the Proof-of-Concept trap?

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) is a realization of a certain method or idea in order in order to demonstrate its feasibility. The proof-of-Concept trap refers to the moment when a company develops beautiful ideas and builds shiny prototypes without having the right technology, business process, or culture in place to support it. Unfortunately, this is what happens when a business does not look at the full picture when considering how innovation and intelligent technology can make a difference.

Now you have the opportunity to scale your view through a more pragmatic lens and discuss what’s possible for your business. Sign up and help ensure that the effort delivers what matters most – real, meaningful outcomes over time.

During this webinar, you will hear how start-ups from the Boston ecosystem are leading their clinical proof of concept in collaboration with clinical structures. You will hear a clinician prospective on what is expected from a startup before entering a clinical collaboration.

You will learn more about the different structures that make Boston such a dynamic place in Life Sciences innovation and how they work together (Incubators, Universities and Medical Centers). You will have the opportunity of a Q & A session with the speakers.

The panel

This panel will gather a digital company from the Boston ecosystem and a clinical partner. They will share experience on how they have proofed the clinical benefit of digital solutions to patients and discuss the challenges they have faced while bringing new solutions for patients benefit. You will receive feedback and experience sharing from experts and entrepreneurs off the field.

Michael Fenn is Director of Harvard University Life Science incubator. He advise and support all healthcare and life science ventures with a focus on supporting founders seeking to drive innovations in human health, which include students, research fellows, and alumni. Michael also serves as a liaison within the Harvard-affiliated healthcare and research communities, as well the surrounding Boston-area ecosystem.

He is particularly passionate about bridging the gap between the academic research and venture worlds, having worked extensively in both. Michael has served as cofounder, advisor, and board member for over 25 startups, as well as several incubators and economic development committees. His entrepreneurial efforts have resulted in significant early-stage capital, creation of intellectual property, technology transfer, and navigation of regulatory pathways. Dr. Fenn received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and B.S. in Chemistry/Biochemistry, all from the University of Florida.

Moderator: Alexandre Blanchot, Innovation Advisor at Innovation Center of Denmark in Boston.

This event is the second of a series of three.

Read more and attend event 1 and 3 here:

#1 American Venture Capital (#1 workshop) 28. October from 15:00-17:00


#3 Regulatory strategy (#3 webinar) 2. December from 15:00-16:00


New relationships? Become part of an American online network

As a participant, you can also join an American online network. The network is open from 5 November to 26 November 2020. The online network allows you to establish contact with the experts from the webinar series and the other participants. It is a unique opportunity to strengthen your network within the US healthcare system. Use this agile and effective method to get ahead with your US business plans – despite the limited options we currently have concerning travel.

Create your profile in the online network

Come well prepared

Watch the preliminary webinars held summer 2020. We recommend that you watch the 3 webinars, which was held during summer 2020. These webinars will give you an overall introduction to the American healthcare system, the ecosystem in Boston and you in Boston.

Webinar 1: The American Healthcare system 
Webinar 2: The Ecosystem in Boston: Digital Health 
Webinar 3: You in Boston: How to pitch in the US




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