Boston series: American Venture Capital (#1 workshop)

Join 3 new virtual events to help you understand the Boston landscape of innovation and the opportunities it represent for Danish entrepreneurs and their innovative solutions. The events are offered by Innovation Center Denmark Boston in collaboration with Danish Healthtech.


Start: 28.10.2020 | at 3:00 PM

End: 28.10.2020 | at 5:00 PM

Now you have the opportunity to go a little deeper and build on the introduction to the US market you got this summer. Join the series of online events and learn more about raising capital, building a regulatory strategi and prof your concept. The 3 events will take form as a workshop, a webinar and a panel discussion respectively.

The Ecosystem in Boston

This workshop is the first event in a series of three. If you missed it, you can view the first workshop here. Downlaod the slides here: 2020 10 28 Presentation Workshop US Investors

Is the US healthcare system ready to work with you and your organization? And are you ready for the US health care system? Get clarification by participating in an extended innovation course prepared in collaboration with Innovation Center Denmark Boston. It builds on the already held events in June and July (still available online).

As a participant, you will expand your network in Boston. One of the cities in the United States that is a leader in the digital healthcare industry. The state of Massachusetts, where Boston is located, has more than 80 hospitals and 15,000 physicians. In 2018 alone, USD 4.8 billion was raised by Life Science companies. Meaning that Boston is one of the right places to start if you want to enter the US market.

How to speak to an American Venture Capitalist?

Join us for a 2 hours interactive workshop, where you will learn about:

  • Venture Capital and Business Angel perspective on how companies are vetted in Boston
  • Differences between Venture Capital and Business Angels: who to reach out to and at what stage of development?
  • Venture capital mindset in the Boston ecosystem.


Alistair Schneider is the CEO and a co-founder of Innouvo, a Venture studio based in Boston. Innouvo’s mission is to support innovative companies, which are navigating the US competitive landscape, on their strategy and to help them access the group of Business Angels through Innouvo Capital. Alistair began his career in Strasbourg, France in Finance before moving to the United States. He spent 10 years in Boston, as well as a year in the Silicon Valley. For the last 20 years he has worked to build, transform, pivot and improve business units, functions and, ultimately, major tech /pharma companies. Alistair’s passion is to make companies able to compete successfully in today’s ever-changing global environment.

Fredrik Velander is a senior sales and business development leader with over 20 years of experience in the software and medical industries. He provides astute strategic planning and implementation of initiatives for direct and indirect distribution channels on a global scale. Fredrik has a track record of securing and managing key market and industry accounts and establishing internal and external long-term strategic partnerships. Fredrik has deep experiences working with startups companies as well as large established companies. He is originally from Sweden and has been living in Boston for the last 20 years.


Alexandre Blanchot, Innovation Advisor at Innovation Center of Denmark in Boston.

The webinar is the first event in a series of 3.

Read more and attend event 2 and 3 here:


#2 Proof of Concept (#2 Panel Discussion) 11. November at 15:00-16:00


#3 Regulatory strategy (#3 Webinar) 2. December at 15:00-16:00


New relationships? Become part of an American online network

As a participant, you can also join an American online network. The network is open from 5 November to 26 November 2020. The online network allows you to establish contact with the experts from the webinar series and the other participants. It is a unique opportunity to strengthen your network within the US healthcare system. Use this agile and effective method to get ahead with your US business plans – despite the limited options we currently have concerning travel.

Create your profile in the online network

Come well prepared

Watch the preliminary webinars held summer 2020. We recommend that you watch the 3 webinars, which was held during summer 2020. These webinars will give you an overall introduction to the American healthcare system, the ecosystem in Boston and you in Boston.

Webinar 1: The American Healthcare system 
Webinar 2: The Ecosystem in Boston: Digital Health 
Webinar 3: You in Boston: How to pitch in the US




Date, Start:

at 3:00 PM

Date, End:

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