Welfare Tech publishes photographs and videos from events and other activities on the website, in newsletters, in print and on social media. Participants at our events automatically give permission us to use photographs taken at the event. See more here.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) instruct event planners to handle personal data of EU citizens who attend their events or work in their companies in compliance with GDPR. Taking and retaining photographs of people at events could potentially be considered as personal data under the Data Protection Act.

In Welfare Tech we continuously use photographs and videos taken at our events in print and digital media with the purpose to disseminate knowledge and provide information on content, cases and activities in the network. Welfare Tech only publish harmless images of people. The criterion for publication is that persons in photographs may not reasonably feel exhibited, exploited or violated on the basis of a normal consideration.

When you attend an event in Welfare Tech, you automatically give your consent for Welfare Tech to use photographs and videos taken at the event at registration (sign up for the event). If a participant wishes a published image removed, Welfare Tech can be contacted and the image will be removed from the web as far as possible.

Speakers at Welfare Tech's events will be asked directly to give their permission to publish photographs and videos where they are on together with their name, title and organization. The consent may be revoked at any time by contact with Welfare Tech.

Welfare Tech follows the general rules: 

Portrait images

Where the name and image of a person are linked - or are capable of being linked - then the person can be identified and the image should be regarded as personal data. 

Welfare Tech will obtain consent of the persons being photographed to use the image. 

Situation images

Situations where consent is not needed
If the photograph is taken at an event attended by large crowds within a public area, the consent of attendees is not necessary. The photograph will not be used out of context, and there must be no reason to believe that damage or distress could potentially be caused to the people appearing in the photograph. 

If the persons being photographed is unrecognisable, e.g. if they have their back to the camera, or they appear out of focus in the foreground, consent is not necessary.

Situations where consent is needed 
If the photograph is being captured at an event attended by large crowds within a private area, such as a conference, then it is advisable that the attendees are informed of the photographer’s presence. 

Welfare Tech make this apparent:

  • on event invitations (website, registration site, etc.) and 
  • displaying appropriate notice signs at the event 


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