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Health apps face many barriers


Mobile health apps are gaining momentum not only among consumers but also at the highest political levels. However, the apps need to overcome many barriers on the path to success.

E-health and the usage of digital health data are now established as political and strategic goals in several EU-countries, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the paper From Innovation to implementation: eHealth in the WHO European Region

Consumers and health professionals increasingly use health apps and other digital platforms related to health issues, recovery and prevention. Additionally, digital data has a huge potential for improving efficiency in the health sector in general. However, despite all the opportunities, developers of health apps encounter a wealth of barriers and legal requirements preventing them from turning the apps into profitable business.

- Many health apps don’t get downloaded much and even when they find their way to a user’s smartphone it is difficult to keep the user engaged. You need to provide high quality data, security and tools for long-time motivation if you seek to create profitable business models and opportunities, says Jeanette Eis, senior consultant in Welfare Tech.

Thus Welfare Tech and DELTA within the Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology have teamed up to create a seminar with experts on mobile health apps. The seminar will highlight the challenges app-developers need to be aware of such as

  • Legal requirements
  • Business potential
  • The latest trends

See the full programme (in Danish)



Jeannette Eis

Senior Consultant

Welfare Tech

Start-ups, apps, export opportunities

T: +45 2149 8719


Skype id : jeannette.eis

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