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Professional forum for telemedicine intended to get the ball rolling


A professional forum will make it easier to share experience with telemedicine for expectant mothers across the country.

There’s no reason to make the same mistakes when developing welfare technology and telemedicine for expectant mothers over again. That’s why a new Danish partnership has been formed to set up a professional forum for telemedicine with obstetrics (pregnancy and childbirth), that can help disseminate experience and know-how nationwide. The result should be more healthcare for the money and to multiply innovation potential when users are involved.

The first step for the new forum was taken when midwives, nurses and other healthcare personnel met in Aarhus for the 4S Workshop on Telemedicine, in May 2016.

Sharing know-how nationwide is essential

- A professional forum can help ensure that we get the most healthcare we can for the money. It also fits in well with the tradition we have had in Denmark for years of meeting to lay down common guidelines, says Olav Bjørn Petersen, a Consultant at the Department for Female Diseases and Births at Aarhus University Hospital.

- I am convinced that home monitoring is here to stay, but there are also problems involved, which is why there’s a lot of sense in meeting in a forum to share our experience and to help each other develop the solutions that make the most sense – technically and organisationally. We also need to support development as it occurs, says Olav Bjørn Petersen.

Margrethe Møller, a Specialist Consult in obstetrics at Aalborg University Hospital, can also see considerable benefit in a strongly-resourced forum to facilitate dialogue between peers and to seek inspiration to start home monitoring.

- Home monitoring is a new resource that provides us with other observation and treatment options than those we have now. There are many women who have been hospitalised for long periods of up to 12 weeks over the years, but we now have technological solutions that have been tried and tested, she says.

Strong business case

- The fact that telemedicine is involved for expectant mothers makes a lot of sense, because the business case for it is very strong, explains Morten Kyng, a professor at Aarhus University and Domain Manager for Health IT at the Alexandra Institute, a partner in the Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology.

- We hope that the forum will be a place to go to find out where the frontiers of development lie at any given time. It should be a place where we can discuss ‘best practice’ and what constitutes ‘next-best practice’ to maximise the results of experience gained throughout the country, he adds.

Morten Kyng believes that there will be a ‘project exchange’ before the end of 2016 for all aspects concerned. 4S already has a plan for what is to come with OpenTele http://opentele.org. But the idea of a project exchange is that every user can specify what they want developed and the budget available.

If you would like to join the new forum for obstetrics, contact Sarah Maria Rasch, anthropologist, at the Alexandra Institute, at sarah.maria.rasch@alexandra.dk or T. +45 2917 9302.

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Sarah Maria Rasch


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