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15 minutes of matchmaking led to Danish Scottish joint effort


Susie Wagner Bondorf and Andrew Ruck met at last years’ matchmaking event at WHINN, Week of Health & INNovation, to discuss their cooperation opportunities. Only three months later they jointly won their first EU tender contract and now they have formed a European umbrella organisation. This year Welfare Tech will repeat the success with another WHINN matchmaking event.

In autumn 2015, working with international customers wasn’t on the cards for Susie Wagner Bondorf. The original focus areas for her newly established company, Infocura IVS, were welfare technology, digitisation and better use of data in Danish municipalities, hospitals and the entire healthcare sector. Welfare Tech encouraged her to participate in the free matchmaking event at WHINN, Week of Health & INNovation in October 2015 and that led her to the collaboration with Andrew.

Susie Wagner Bondorf reflects:

- In fact, I wasn’t fully aware of how I could benefit from participating and should have done my homework better. One of my meetings was with Andrew Ruck from Scotland and it turned out that he was searching for a Danish partner. After the event we met on three occasions during the week and things have progressed really fast since then.

As early as in January 2016, only three months after their first meeting, the two new partners had won a public EU procurement. This was for provision of their leadership in development of new EU guidelines around assessment of the validity of mobile health apps.

Formation of a European Economic Interest Grouping

In May 2016 Susie and Andrew together formed ‘Synsana EEIG’, a European Economic Interest Grouping. They are now working with three additional partners from England, France and Spain:  each of these partner is an established digital business in their respective countries. Their collaboration in the EEIG helps each of them to deliver richer services in their own country, win business at a European level as well as to support organisations entering European digital healthcare markets. Now, as well as the assignment for the European Commission, Synsana is seeing significant interest from British, Danish, French, American and Canadian customers.

For Susie the close cooperation with Andrew and the other EEIG partners means that she has two business legs to stand on: In Denmark she helps public organisations with strategy development, process optimisation, education and project management of implementation through Infocura. Through Synsana she helps international customers entering the Danish market and other European markets, and Danish companies entering international markets. As a health Informatician with a clinical background as a nurse, she is able to bridge the gap between what is notionally the best practice and its pragmatic application:

- I know how the front-line personnel really work. This gives me a significant advantage when ensuring that welfare technology, digital solutions and the use of data do not just sit on the manager’s desk, and make a real impact on real life operations, says Susie Wagner Bondorf

Recommending the matchmaking event

Despite the great success from last year’s matchmaking event, Susie will not be able to participate this year. Another assignment is stopping her. But …

- I do keep an eye on the list of participants to see if there are someone whom I obviously need to meet. For instance, I’m sure I wouldn’t have met Andrew, if it had not been for last year’s matchmaking event. So I can certainly recommend this to others. A 15 minutes meeting may lead to a lot more and could be of high value, she says.

The official matchmaking event at WHINN 2016 is focusing on creating new business opportunities and cooperation between participants. During the 15 minutes meetings you can present your company, products and ideas to potential partners and customers from companies, regions, hospitals, universities and research institutes.

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