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Export successfully to the United Kingdom


Become part of a new export network focusing on sales to the United Kingdom and find the new ideas, knowledge and contacts to take advantage of the opportunities offered by one of Europe’s largest markets for healthcare and welfare innovation.

Tips and tricks, insight into market conditions and sharing of experiences with Danish companies who know how to export welfare technologies to the United Kingdom. This is the core thinking behind a new export network launched by ‘Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology’ and Healthcare DENMARK in partnership with the Danish Embassy in London. 

The network set focus specifically on the United Kingdom with activities to help you and your business export successfully to the British market.

Like its Danish equivalent, the British health service is under great pressure. An aging population, a greater number of chronically ill patients and staff shortages call for new solutions and methods. In the United Kingdom, healthcare services are provided by the state-owned National Health Service (NHS), which manages hospitals, care homes, pharmacies, dentists, home care and health centres. The NHS reaches out to more than 64 million people and is regarded as one of the world’s most efficient healthcare service providers. But the NHS also spends too much money and is looking for new solutions to streamline and meet future demand.

The potential for welfare technology and new services is therefore great in the United Kingdom. 

- The British NHS is especially interested in usable solutions that can be implemented directly. This is a field in which Danish companies are well-positioned. We are known for offering strong technological solutions, says Senior Consultant Jeannette Eis from Welfare Tech. 

The new export network gives you the ideas, knowledge and contacts to take advantage of the opportunities on offer. You will also be able to put your own mark on the activities and themes that they network will focus on.

- We call the concept ‘The United Kingdom as a welfare technology market not to be missed’. The concept consists of network meetings, market seminars and market visits with experts from both Denmark and the United Kingdom whom we are able to draw on through our partners and wide-ranging network, says Jeannette Eis. 

The export network offers: 

  • Increased market information and insight into the British market for healthcare and welfare technology 
  • Wide network and meetings with potential partners both in Denmark and the United Kingdom
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences with other businesses 
  • Enhanced opportunities to test solutions in the British market
  • Enhanced opportunities for the sale of solutions to the British market
  • Opportunity to influence activities and themes 

Export network activities:

  • Four annual network meetings where participants themselves set the agenda and share experiences – option to invite speakers
  • Virtual meetings – as required
  • Knowledge sharing on social media platform
  • Opportunity for market visits to the United Kingdom

Seminar: Successful exports to the United Kingdom – network start-up

If you are interested in finding out more about this new network and the value it can add to your business, please sign up for the seminar at Welfare Tech in Odense on 13 December 2016. 

Get an introduction to the network and become inspired to export to the United Kingdom. Meet MEDEI, a company that in just six months has achieved sales to a British manufacturer. Find out how MONSENSO and Public Intelligence have got a foot in the door of the National Health Service (NHS). Find out how Spectrumshop succeeded in attracting a British distributor through the Danish Embassy in London. At the seminar, the experienced Vendlet will also provide good advice on exporting successfully. 

Both the seminar and the export network are held in English and tailored to Danish businesses selling healthcare and welfare technology. The focus is on the British care and hospital sector. Both businesses already in the market, who are looking for new ideas and knowledge, and businesses considering exporting to the United Kingdom are welcome. Participation is free.

The seminar takes place at Welfare Tech in Forskerparken 10H in Odense at 9.30 am – 4 pm on Tuesday, 13 December 2016. 

See programme and registration

For further information

For further information about the British export network, please contact Jeannette Eis, senior consultant, Welfare Tech, jeeis@welfaretech.dk, T. +45 2149 8719 or Lene Vistisen, senior consultant, Welfare Tech, levi@welfaretech.dk, T. +45 3176 4331. 

The export network was launched by Welfare Tech as part of the Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology and Healthcare DENMARK.



Jeannette Eis

Senior Consultant

Welfare Tech

Start-ups, apps, export opportunities

T: +45 2149 8719


Skype id : jeannette.eis

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