Membership Fee

Prices for a membership at Welfare Tech.

Effective from April 23th 2015

Startup company: 400 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 3,000 DKK)

  • Exclusively for entrepreneurs with less than five employees and registration within the last 24 months 

  • The start-up membership is valid for the year of registration and the following year. Then the membership is then automatically converted to a standard company membership

Company up to 20 employees: 800 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 6,000 DKK)

Company more than 20 employees: 1,300 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 9,500 DKK)

Company over 100 employees: 2,000 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 15,000 DKK)

Company over 250 employees: 3,360 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 25,000 DKK)

Public Organisation: 2,000 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 15,000 DKK)

  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • Research and education institutions
  • Other public organisations.

Industry Associations: 1,300 Euro / per year, plus VA(~ 9,500 DKK)

Non-profit Organisations (NGO): 135 Euro / per year, plus VAT (~ 1,000 DKK)

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Welfare Tech

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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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