Danish-German collaboration focusing on Intelligent Logistics, Digitalisation and Automatised Workflows for the Homecare and Nursing homes sector.

Category : Internationalisation
Lead : Welfare Tech and BioRegio STERN

ILDA-Care (Intelligent Logistics, Digitalisation and Automatised Workflows for the Homecare and Nursing homes sector) is a Danish-German collaboration between Welfare Tech and the German cluster BioRegio STERN from Baden-Württemberg.

The new generation of elderly has high expectations for the quality of care they are entitled to receive. Due to the demographic changes, the resources for delivering care to the rapidly growing group of elderlies, are not likely to increase accordingly. More efficiency in the care sector is necessary to maintain the current high quality of care.

The scarce human resources (warm hands) available in the care sector should be applied on personal care of elderly people, not logistics or other time-consuming workflows, which are reducing the available care time of the nursing staff for elderly people. Hence, by contributing to social sustainability in an elderly care sector affected by the demographic change, a huge opportunity emerges for developing a new value-chain. This includes automatisation, digitalisation and intelligent logistics for nursing homes and home care and thereby tapping into vast global markets.

ILDA-Care is an excellent opportunity for establishing good working relations between the Welfare Tech Cluster in Denmark and the Bioregion STERN Cluster in Germany. "Smart care technology" is an emerging market, and most commonly developed by highly innovative SMEs born with an international vision.

The gains of linking Danish and German SME's in ILDA-Care are amongst others to give German SMEs access to knowhow and "in-vivo" Danish testbeds, and through the partnership develop a product in the more mature Danish elderly care market, while the German care sector is undergoing the necessary reforms. The Danish SMEs gain access to and knowledge of the German market, business culture, and deep technological competences.

Cluster participants from Welfare Tech have specifically asked to pursue opportunities in the German healthcare market. The acute lack of care professionals in Germany opens a market for the delivery of quality care by introducing technology in new labour extensive workflows. An emerging market that Danish health innovation has been targeting for the last ten years.

In Germany Digitalisation 4.0 and Industry 4.0 are the main focuses, and the competencies that have been achieved in these fields can be transferred with good insight to the elderly care sector.

The collaboration is expected to lead to the initiation of:

  • New cross-sectorial product/service developments within the fields of automatisation, digitalisation and intelligent logistics in the areas of home care and nursing homes
  • New commercial/investment or development partnerships within the field of automatization, digitalisation and intelligent logistics
  • Development of Danish-German partnerships
  • Increased innovation collaboration
  • Joint ideas to the solution within the value chains of automatisation, digitalisation and intelligent logistics for the homecare and nursing home markets


Become a part of the network

Companies and organisations wishing to get involved in the ILDA-care activities can join as network partners. Contact Senior Consultant Søren Møller Parmar-Sielemann, Welfare Tech, T. +45 2932 7470,, to know more.

Partners in ILDA-Care

ILDA-Care is supported by the Baltic Sea Region - Innovation Express. Project period: 01.01.2018 - 30.06.2019.



Søren Møller Parmar-Sielemann


Welfare Tech

Project management, Innovation partnerships, Health Innovation

T: +45 2932 7470


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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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