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Welfare Tech helps you turn ideas into business opportunities.

The platform for a brand new industry is currently developing in Denmark, as new Danish super hospitals and forward-thinking municipalities are actively participating in shaping exciting innovation environments. Welfare Tech’s aim is to use this platform for business development in healthcare and homecare. We contribute to developing, testing and implementing new products, which – when they succeed – obtain a “blue stamp” for sale on the Danish and global markets.

Through the Welfare Tech network, we offer access to knowledge on current market needs and offer guidance in developing your business case as well as sales and implementation. We can refer to experts within the cluster, who can help you conduct health and welfare technology assessments and scan the market for existing solutions.

  • Overview of market needs and issues within healthcare and care services
  • Overview of the solutions on the market for your particular challenge
  • Guidance in relation to the implementation of welfare technology solutions
  • Feedback on business plans, business cases, sales and exports
  • Product presentations for relevant stakeholders with feedback and guidance

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Welfare Tech is funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, The Southern Denmark Growth Forum and The European Regional Development Fund.