Welfare Tech supports your innovation process.

Welfare Tech offers resource tools that can help you to grow ideas into business ventures, whether it is a meeting room for business meetings or innovations tools that eases your way to the market. 

Welfare Tech Lab

Welfare Tech Lab is a physical innovation space where you can connect with the world and exchange solutions and experiences via ICT tools such as video conferencing, smart boards, iPads, video clips, images and sounds.

In Welfare Tech Lab you and your partners can conduct meetings and connect with participants scattered across the world. This makes it easy for you to share knowledge and develop your ideas, transforming them into new solutions and business. In addition, you can use Welfare Tech Lab to establish ad hoc workplaces as needed.

Welfare Tech Innovation

Welfare Tech provides tools that can promote your success in the market. We call it Welfare Tech Innovation. Welfare Tech Innovation includes guidance on the use of:

  • MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine)
  • PROOF (Method for concept development and proof of concept)
  • Guide to PPI cooperation (public-private innovation)
  • Use of PPI collaboration agreements

Contact a Welfare Tech consultant or write to info@welfaretech.dk if you would like to hear more about Welfare Tech Innovation.

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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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