Innovative sensory technologies in the healthcare system

Sensory technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare sector, but what are the trends and developments you should be aware of if you work in the healthcare system and what will we be working with in future? WHINN 2017 provides some of the answers at the Innovative Sensory Technologies conference where you will gain insight into new sensory technologies and the ways in which they can be used in the healthcare sector.

Danish Sound and Welfare Tech – Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology, the two innovation networks, will together be focusing on how sound and hearing, light and vision as well as virtual reality can be used in the fields of health, disease and well-being.

At WHINN 2017, these networks will be hosting a conference that highlights the trends in these fields and looks at technologies that affect or use our senses.  Sensory technologies are increasingly gaining acceptance as recognised methods in the healthcare system. Recent years have seen significant developments in solutions coming to market and the demand for these solutions among users is on the rise. 

- We are currently using various sensory technologies to increase well-being among employees and to give dementia sufferers a pleasant environment that creates a calm atmosphere. These technologies are able to reduce patients’ need for drugs and provide enhanced sleep and circadian rhythms in general, says Lene Vistisen, Senior Consultant and Network Manager of Welfare Tech – Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology. 

At the conference Innovative Sensory Technologies, attendees will gain knowledge about how sensory technologies are used in Denmark and elsewhere in the world and be able to participate in the discussion about the opportunities that sensory technologies provide. New opportunities also bring a demand for evidence and assurance that the solutions work, and new questions arise in terms of ethics and use of data. Find out about the Sound and Health project where Danish Sound and Welfare Tech – Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology are investigating how music affects the sleep of dementia sufferers   

Internationally recognised speakers

One of the keynote speakers is Dr Indre Viskontas who works on ground-breaking application of brain research in music training. With her background as a cognitive brain researcher and an opera singer and her research into how brain research can be used in musical training at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Dr Indre Viskontas is one of the leading experts in this area. In addition to her work as a professional singer and teacher, she has published more than 50 articles. She is also a co-host of the Miracle Detectives documentary series on the Oprah Winfrey Network and her popular science podcast, Inquiring Minds (https://soundcloud.com/wayswework/indre-viskontas-the-inquiring-minds-podcast), has been downloaded more than 7 million times. Dr Indre Viskontas currently works with Science in Progress, a web series on Virtual Reality. 

Listen to Dr Indre Viskontas’s latest podcast, Cadence – what music tells us about our minds – which was launched at the beginning of ​​2017.

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The conference will be in English and is aimed at healthcare professionals, IT specialists, business developers and others with an interest in the area. 

Visit the innovative sensory technologies exhibition

To hear more about sensory technologies and to experience the innovative solutions and creative thought behind them, visit the joint Welfare Tech exhibition for innovative sensory technologies at the WHINN EXHIBITION. Members of Welfare Tech will be on hand to demonstrate their welfare solutions. The exhibition is open on 10 and 11 October 2017, both days from 9 am to 5 pm. You will be able to meet:

On Wednesday, 12 October, Welfare Tech will be hosting a guided tour at 2-2:30 pm where visitors will be given special insight into the sensor solutions and the ways in which they are able to create a better quality of life for patients who need care and support. The tour focuses on sound, light and virtual reality.

The registration link to WHINN’s official registration page can be found here.

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WHINN – Week of Health & INNovation – is a unique event which in a single week presents a range of conferences, events, innovation and networking activities in the fields of healthcare and innovation. In 2017, WHINN will be held on 9 to 12 October in Odense and will focus on the following topics: The hospitals of the future, value-based health and care and digital health. 

Welfare Tech is a WHINN partner. A list of Welfare Tech’s activities during WHINN 2017 can be found here (Danish)

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Welfare Tech's activities is funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, The Southern Denmark Growth Forum and The European Regional Development Fund.