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A new white paper presents the Danish concept of Hospital Logistics and ground-breaking solutions that contribute to making Danish hospitals more efficient and improve patient safety and treatment quality.

Healthcare systems around the world are challenged by an increased share of elderly citizens and chronically ill patients as well as more expensive forms of treatment. Hospitals need to consider means to increase efficiency and productivity to be able to treat more patients without increasing costs.

In Denmark, Danish hospitals and companies have worked together for more than a decade on improving hospital logistics. The overall aim has been the creation of just-in-time solutions to optimize coordination and efficiency and reduce the patients’ length of stay. The result is an 30% increase in hospital productivity since 2003.

A new white paper from Healthcare DENMARK presents the Danish concept of Hospital Logistic and ground-breaking solutions that contribute to making Danish hospitals more efficient and improve patient safety and treatment quality. The white paper demonstrates the possibilities for hospital logistics within different areas of hospital services and needs, including supply logistics, clinical logistics, sterile goods and sample logistics.

- A safe and efficient supply chain makes up the backbone in a well-functioning Danish healthcare sector and is of vital importance to the hospitals’ employees in order to provide the best possible treatment to the patients. Denmark has already come far in terms of optimizing the field of hospital logistics. Now, a historic billion-dollar investment in new hospital constructions in Denmark makes up a unique opportunity in the years to come to create an even more coherent supply chain to accommodate the future challenges facing the healthcare sector, says Bent Hansen, President of the Danish Regions.

Read about:

  • How the New Aarhus University Hospital can locate people and equipment right down to room level, and how a similar system has resulted in a 20% efficiency increase at Aalborg University Hospital
  • How intelligent solutions for handling samples help hospitals reduce their sample turnaround-time and subsequently speed up patient diagnostics. 
  • How fully automated laboratories improve sample flow by handling and sorting all blood samples without any manual handling.
  • How the Capital Region in Denmark improve hygiene and reduce the risk of infections with fully automated handling of sterile equipment
  • How automatic delivery of medicine from the hospital pharmacy directly to the wards and just-in-time housekeeping, based on the hospital discharge system, is already a reality in Danish hospitals.

The white paper is part of a series of white papers Healthcare DENMARK will publish that show how Danish solutions can contribute to increase efficiency in healthcare while empowering patients and staff. 

The white paper can be downloade for free here:

Download White paper: Sustainable Hospitals - Hospital Logistics


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