British nursing home goes digital with Danish technology


Orton Manor Nursing Home outside of Birmingham in UK goes paperless with the Danish digital tool, Sekoia. Now the staff have more time to the residents and actual care.

Going paperless can be both alluring and frightening. Especially in nursing homes were the staff keep track on a large number of important information about the residents, the care services, working schedules, calendar agreements, etc. Going digital poses many questions and raises expectations among the staff – and ideally it brings them from doing paperwork back to care. 

- I worked in care for a long time now, and over the years I found myself completing more and more paperwork as opposed to acutely delivering the care and spending time with the residences which is what everyone of us goes into care for, says Gemma Broth, Manager at Orton Manor Nursing Home.

This is now past history. With Danish ICT. Today a digital ICT solution from the Danish company Sekoia gives Gemma Broth and her colleagues a digital overview of their tasks during the day. Via touch screens and different apps, the staff can manage their day, record health data, share information and report incidents. All with lightning speed at the touch of a button. This has significantly changed the workflow at Orton Manor Nursing Home, and reduced office time and increased time with the residents.  

- I seen measurable return on investment. I have held residents and families’ meetings and I have seen significant changes in families and residents noticing a much greater time that’s allowed in direct contact from carers and services users, without the need of duplicating and signing paperwork, says Shahzada Ahmed, Director at Orton Manor Nursing Home.

When Orton Manor Nursing Home first started looking for a supplier they considered serval companies. The choice of Sekoia is not only due to a well-proven solution but also Sekoias ability to integrate different platforms into one solution that would be much more user-friendly. 

- We have an ethos of trying to improve the care that we want to try to give to our services users and Sekoia have recognised that and that why this partnership worked so well, because it is fluid, if there are things that I want altered or changed I am able to work with Sekoia to implement that in a short timeframe within the home environment, says Shahzada Ahmed.

See video of the collaboration between Orton Manor Nursing Home and Sekoia

Orton Manor Nursing Home goes digital with Sekoia from Sekoia on Vimeo.

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