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Digital life stories make life easier for people suffering from dementia


Min Livshistorie (My Life Story) is a user-friendly digital platform collecting life stories in videos, texts, pictures, memos and other things. A unique communication tool for interaction and dialog between people.

The loss of memory can be frustrating and socially exclude a person suffering from dementia. When you no longer can remember your past, you lose your identity and miss out on the life-affirming moments a memory of a previous event can awake. A wedding, the birth of a child, a vacation you had or perhaps a game you played as a child, a football match with your favourite team or best friend, a picnic with your colleagues, etc. 

With Min Livshistorie (My Life Story) people can collect their life stories in one unique platform, to the benefit of both themselves, their friends and families and the professional health staff and care staff. The life stories are shared in videos, texts, pictures and memos, via tablets and pc’s, allowing others to get an insight into a person’s memories and past experiences.

The tool is developed by the Danish company Partner IT and Herning Municipality in collaboration with competent engaged health staff, people suffering from dementia, their relatives, nurses and researchers. The close dialog with the users ensures that ‘My Life Story’ meets the specific demands of the target group and have a user-friendly user interface. 

- Life is all about quality of life, intimacy and social relations. With ’Min Livshistorie’ we allow people to understand” who you are”. We guarantee social cohesion and tie generations together. We ensure that unique life stories are kept for the generations to come, and prevent loneliness and social exclusion simply by letting family members, friends and staff get an insight into your personal life story when you no longer can tell it yourself, says Per Egebjerg, Partner and Owner of Min Livshistorie A/S.

The tool, ‘My Life Story’, are used in municipalities throughout Denmark, were residents in nursing homes and people suffering from dementia collect and share their life stories supported by their families and the care staff. Experiences shows that the insight into concrete events, experiences, places and family relations makes up a valuable tool for closer intimacy and conversation between people, across generations and social settings. By knowing a person’s life story precarious situations and the use of force can be avoided, and family members, friends and staff personnel can start a dialog based on meaningful events and interests instead of just make conversation about the weather. And this improves the quality of life significantly for the seniors and people suffering from dementia.  

For more information

If you want to know more about Min Livshistorie/My Life Story please contact Per Egebjerg, CEO, Min Livshistorie A/S, T. +45 +45 6914 8041, per@mlh.dk.

See more at www.minlivshistorie.dk (Danish only)


Per Egebjerg

Partner / Owner

Min Livshistorie A/S

T: +45 2027 1077

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