Patient-moving robot ready to lift after Seed investment round

The Danish Multi Tower Company closes its Seed investment round with EUR 1 million raised through a network of private and public investors. The investment round marks the establishment of the company in the Nordic Robot Capital, Odense.

In February 2017, Blue Ocean Robotics could unveil the plans for the innovative mobile patient-moving robot, Multi Tower Robot, developed to perform healthcare patient transfers. The robot is now spun-out into an independent company, Multi Tower Company, after the completed Seed investment round.

The investment round is completed just as Arnd Baurichter takes the position as CEO of the company. Arnd will be heading the market development activities of the innovative patient-moving robot in the national and international healthcare sector.

Arnd Baurichter bid the investors welcome and emphasises that it is a big help for the formation and development of the company and the market for robots.

- Multi Tower Robot is developed to relieve the hospital- and nursing staff at hospitals and in other environments where patient-moving and rehabilitation functions are required. With the support from the investors, we are able to build and test the first prototype of the robot in the beginning of next year. We already know that global demand is present and therefore we are working progressively towards introducing the new technology to the market. We are already taking orders in, says Arnd Baurichter, CEO at Multi Tower Company.

A strong team with an experienced group of investors

The investments constituting the Seed round are invested as part of a milestone plan to be injected into the company over the next two years. Among the investors are Syddansk Innovation A/S (EUR 470k), Rikkesege Invest ApS (EUR 201k), M. Blæsbjerg Holding Aps and Dahl Gruppen Holding A/S (EUR 75k each). The remaining amount have been invested by a smaller group of private investors.

- For Syddansk Innovation, it is very motivating that we can support this project in Odense and hereby take part in creating jobs in and around our local community. When the project was presented to us, we found it interesting that the combination of an experienced group of investors and that people behind already had assembled a good team to progress development, says Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff, Investment CEO at Syddansk Innovation.

- The fact that Blue Ocean Robotics has developed the Multi Tower Robot on the basis of real-life user scenarios at the University Hospital Køge, brings a lot of credibility to the investment case. This is also one of the factors that has made a stir in the market to start with, says Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff.

The investor M. Blæsbjerg Holding Aps point out the increase of old-age dependency ratios and the work-related challenges such as physical disabilities and lifestyle diseases as factors we all must deal with in the future - and one of the reasons why Multi Tower Company is an interesting investment case. 

- These factors combined with a group of inspiring people, have had a great deal of influence on our strategic decision to back the Multi-Tower Company. Especially, the fact that the project has local roots in the community with strong international potential and a team lead by Arnd, promises well for the investment case and Odense as a robotic community in general. It is very important to us that we are able to support a local company to make a difference in the healthcare sector, says Mark Blæsbjerg.

Efficient incubator program

The Multi Tower Robot is developed through Blue Ocean Robotics’ partnership program, RoBi-X, in a public-private partnership (PPP) between University Hospital Køge and Blue Ocean Robotics. The project management for the new university hospital in Køge, addressed Blue Ocean Robotics with an economic challenge concerning the current fixed overhead lifts.

Together, it was found that a mobile robot solution would be a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to the fixed overhead lifts, as far more patients can benefit from such a robot solution. Afterwards, Blue Ocean Robotics started the development in a close cooperation with University Hospital Køge.

Today the Multi Tower Company develops robots that help healthcare personnel with transfer and rehabilitation of patients. Multi Tower Company does so to increase quality-of-care, resource utilization and general welfare development of the healthcare sector.

See more at multi-tower-company.com.

Multi Tower Company and Blue Ocean Robotics are member of Welfare Tech.  


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