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Danish IT company launches Facebook for mentally challenged people

Social relations are crucial for our quality of life and social media play a big role in our interaction with other people. Now a Danish IT company launches a social media platform that is specifically targeting people with cognitive disabilities.

Social media have an increased influence of our lives. Most people check their Facebook accounts daily to see updates from friends and give a status on the events of the day. We share pictures on Instagram and Snapchat and many people follow individuals or interest groups on Twitter. Social media have become the social arena where we seek communities and is a platform for dialogue and interaction with other people. 

Now a Danish IT company has created a similar media platform specifically targeting people with cognitive disabilities. It is the company IBG ProReact that launches IBG Groups (IBG Grupper), which is not only a user friendly and well-known communication platform, but IBG Groups also resolve all the challenges related to personal data protection, which today prevents public care services of using these conventional social media.

- IBG Groups is a new module to the Interactive Borgerguide (interactive citizen guide), IBG, which gives users access to participation in communities in a new way and connects them across departments and traditional communities via the IBG App. With IBG Groups users can make their own posts, comment, like and most importantly they can create a network of contacts in closed groups, John Thorup from IBG ProReact, states. 

IBG Groups are an integral part of the IBG platform and provides citizens and staff with the opportunity to be a part of virtual networking groups across residential units, geography and interests exactly like we know it from other social media platforms. The opportunities and the compositions in these groups are endless and they form a basis for meaningful relations for both citizens and staff. 

IBG Groups differentiates itself from other social media by offering the citizens IBG’s well-known and simple visual design that strives towards an easily accessible system for an adverse group of citizens no matter their age and functionality. The social life in IBG Groups only exist as part of the IBG platform and, therefore, it offers security for citizens by being an exclusive system, says John Thorup. 

Interest-related social networks between citizens and staff

With IBG Groups citizens can be a part of interest groups with other citizens from the same department as well as from across other public care services and municipalities. The staff can also join the groups and run them together with the citizens. It can be as part of a local event team and as part of different activity clubs – perhaps a health club or the local IT-café. Or, it can be used as a group created to underpin a citizen’s support plan where the citizen and relevant specialist staff can share information, make appointments and have an ongoing dialogue.

For more information

If you have any inquiries regarding IBG or IBG Groups please contact John Thorup, IBG ProReact, jth@proreact.dk, T. +45 4240 0328.

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Communications & PR

IBG ProReact ApS

T: +45 4240 0328

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