Danish partnership develops portfolio of cleaning robots

Blue Ocean Robotics enter a strategic partnership with Nilfisk to develop intelligent cleaning machines and robots for the Danish and global markets. The partnership complements Nilfisk's existing robotics activities - an area that is expected to comprise up to 10 percent of the company's turnover within 5-7 years.

Soon intelligent autonomous cleaning robots will enter the hospitals and nursing homes around the world, to effectively solve standardized cleaning tasks. A new strategic partnership between the Danish robot expert Blue Ocean Robotics and the company Nilfisk will boost the development of intelligent cleaning machines and robots that meet the customers demand for precise and reliable cleaning in the coming years. 

- We estimate that approximately 70 percent of the cost of professional cleaning goes to labour. At the same time, the cleaning industry is one of the industries with the highest employee turnover. We therefore experience a significant need among our customers to introduce autonomous machines that can solve standardized cleaning tasks so that cleaning operators can be used for other assignments, says Hans Henrik Lund, CEO of Nilfisk.

The collaboration with Blue Ocean Robotics is part of an ambitious program, Nilfisk has lounged, to pave the way for a robot transformation of selected Nilfisk cleaning machines over the coming years. Nilfisk expects that up to 10 percent of the company’s turnover within the next 5-7 years will come from autonomous machines - or robotics.

- We have a clear strategy to develop our product portfolio in partnership with highly-specialized technology companies that are the best in their field. We already have good experiences with this, and we are looking forward to starting this partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics, which complements our other partnerships very well, says Hans Henrik Lund, says Hans Henrik Lund.

Disruptive innovation

Blue Ocean Robotics and Nilfisk will develop selected Nilfisk products in close collaboration with strong customers from the cleaning industry. The process is a highly-proven approach for the Funen-based robot company, which has built its business on so-called "disruptive innovation". This includes, among other things, a number of integrated technology platforms and a solid partnership model, where Blue Ocean Robotics – in collaboration with the partner – drives development and technology, while the partnering companies are responsible for sales, service and production.

- There is a great match between the technologies and competencies of Blue Ocean Robotics, and the solid market position Nilfisk has. It provides an optimal environment for creating the robots of the future for the cleaning industry, which will undoubtedly gradually change its character over the coming years, a development we are happy to contribute to, say the three Co-CEOs in Blue Ocean Robotics, Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard.

- At the same time, it is gratifying that two Danish companies have joined forces. Co-creation partnerships like these will bode well for the future and will draw attention internationally in both the cleaning industry and the robot industry, where Denmark plays a significant role. About Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics create and commercialize robots! The Funen based company apply robot technology to create solutions and innovation for end-users and new businesses in partnerships. Through the RoBi-X partnership program they create robots to improve quality-of-life, working environments and productivity. The RoBi-X partnership program is for anyone looking to optimize their business, their way-of-doing and improve competitiveness. Read more: www.blue-ocean-robotics.com

About Nilfisk

Nilfisk is a leading global player within the professional cleaning industry. With more than 110 years of innovation experience, Nilfisk is dedicated to delivering reliable solutions and products of high quality that pave the way for a safer, more productive and clean daily life for millions of companies and private homes around the world. Nilfisk has its own sales companies in 45 countries, and its products are sold in more than 100 countries. Read more at www.nilfisk.com.

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