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Digital community portal strengthens citizens’ mental health

Mental health has reached the global agenda. Stress, anxiety, depression and mental distress will, according to WHO, constitute the greatest global burden of diseases. In Denmark, 26%-48% of the total sickness absence is rooted in mental health problems. With the psychological disorders follow a big socio-economic challenge.

- A lot of municipalities are challenged by lack of services to mentally vulnerable young, elderly, lonely, inactive or socially disadvantaged citizens. Together with 18 Danish municipalities we offer a digital health community, which creates social relations and strengthens the citizen – both physically and mentally, says Anders Stæhr, co-founder of Boblberg.dk

For a long time, there has been a focus on prevention and treatment in relation to mental health in Denmark. However, international experts emphasise that mental health is encouraged by investing in and prioritising health promotion – accompanied by prevention and treatment. 

Mental health for the citizen

In the Danish, scientifically-based project ABC for mental sundhed (ABC for mental health, red.), which several municipalities and Boblberg.dk is a part of there is a focus on peoples’ mental health and wellbeing as well as what strengthens the human being. 

- In Aalborg Municipality we have, like many other municipalities, a lot of recreational activities in established associations for citizens. Though, it can be hard for some of the citizens to attend the activities. The platform (Boblberg’s digital communities, red.) is, among others, an alternative to citizens who want to be with other people, but are challenged in terms of participating in the established associations, says Bettina Bisp Jensen, Head of Center for Mental Sundhed (Centre for Mental Health) in Aalborg Municipality. 

Boblberg’s platform is primarily targeting municipalities, which can then offer the digital community to citizens who are looking for contact with other citizens nearby. Via the portal citizens can coordinate activities and create new relationships and hereby generate interrelation in new social communities. Currently Boblberg’s portal has 30.000 users. 

When the citizen is interactive and at the same time being active by his or her own initiative, it promotes mental health. At Boblberg’s digital platform for social communities’ users can find new relations and interest, while at the same time maintain a confident room based on their own premises. 

A call from Boblberg goes: Be active, do something together, do something meaningful. It increases the chances for mental health and a good life. 

Mental health in the municipalities*

(*Average Danish municipality with 50.000 citizens)

  • 4000 people above the age of 16 have a poor mental health
  • 5100 feel stressed or nervous 
  • 2000 people are suffering from anxiety 
  • About 2600 suffer from depression 
  • 500 children and adolescents have a low life satisfaction 
  • 350 elderly above the age of 75 years old feel lonely 
  • 500 elderly rarely meet friends/family 

Source: Forebyggelsespakke for kommunerne – via Sundhedsstyrelsen.dk

For more information 

For more information on Boblberg.dk and the digital community portal visit the website www.boblberg.dk or contact Anders Stæhr at: +45 22250520, as@boblberg.dk.

Boblberg is a member of Welfare Tech. 

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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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