A practicable entrance to new international markets

Are you interested in a more practicable entrance to new international markets and skip the gatekeepers blocking the way to potential collaborators? Read about Welfare Tech’s fact-finding trip to Catalonia September 25th-28th 2018 to learn more.

Catalonia is a region with a steady growing healthcare sector, which makes it an interesting market for Danish welfare technological companies and -organisations.

Welfare Tech and the Catalan cluster, Mental Health Cluster, invite to a fact-finding trip to Barcelona, Catalonia. As participant, you will get an unique – and more practicable – entrance to a new- and interesting market. The fact-finding trip to Catalonia gives you an opportunity to identify market potentiality as well as the possibilities for strategic collaboration between private- and public operators. Further, the trip guarantees time for you to pitch and present products, solutions, projects, etc. to potential customers and collaborators.

Check out the program for the fact-finding trip to Catalonia

Lasse Cederquist, CEO at 2Trace A/S has meet with the representatives from the Catalan cluster, Mental Health Cluster, before and he will participate in the coming fact-finding trip:

- We have collaborated with Catalan tech companies for a few years and clearly, there is an indication of that interesting companies - within the cluster - locate in the region. By participating in the activities Welfare Tech and the Catalan cluster arrange, we increase our options to open up on a new market. Additionally, we have obtained a positive impression of the willingness to invest in new technologies in the Catalan healthcare market, Lasse Cederquist says. He expects a fully booked week, which makes them use the time most efficiently.

Get your relevant test collaborators identified

When the Catalan cluster, Mental Health Cluster, visited Denmark back in June 2018, Bent Bonde, CEO at Wellness Nordic, participated. It resulted among others in two test cycles at a Catalan care home for elderly. Bent Bonde does not question that resources and time are well spend on a trip to Catalonia:

- Beforehand, we had a distributor, Arjo Huntleigh, in Spain, but our experiences show that sales can be boosted if we create test cycles as references or even a physical place as the care homes for elderly. By that, customers and potential customers have a reference to be inspired by and ask questions, says Bent Bonde and continues:

- We are very satisfied, that we during the Catalan cluster delegation trip to Denmark got identified many relevant test collaborators and already have settled a test cycle with one of the delegation’s participants. Our outcome by working with the network is satisfying, which makes us participate in the fact-finding trip to Catalonia too, Bent Bonde says.

 Demtech Mental Health Cluster

The Catalan cluster, Mental Health Cluster, visited Denmark in June 2018. Now, on September 25th-28th 2018, it is their turn to show Catalonia. Foto: Welfare Tech

- It is a great program Mental Health Cluster has composed and I am looking forward to meet with the participants from the delegation, who visited Denmark, once again. Now, the Catalans can show their institutions in spite of what they have seen and learned during their visit to Denmark, Karen Lindegaard, Senior Consultant at Welfare Tech, says, who will join the fact-finding trip too.

Are you interested in the Catalan market for healthcare technology – or are you searching for competent European collaborators within the dementia- and psychiatry area, this program is customized for you.

Book your calendar September 25th-28th 2018 and register here

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