Great interest for Nordic Health Innovation in the Southeast Asia

The interest for Nordic Health Innovation and Health Tech were massive when five Nordic companies specialized in health technology participated as speakers and panellists at one of the most prominent technology conferences of the year, the Techsauce Global Summit in Thailand.

The Global Tech conference, Techsauce Global Summit, has since 2012 grown to be one of the most significant tech conferences of the year with insights on tech and business news in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In 2018, the conference took place from the 22-23 of June in Bangkok and joined more than 10,000 participants from Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. This year with the introduction of a Health Tech Stage that set focus on Health Tech and Health Innovation. A topic placed high on the agenda all over the world. 

The initiative to the Health Tech Stage origins from a Danish-Thai cooperation between Danish RUFF & CO. Business Innovation and Techsauce. In cooperation with Dr. Sakunee Niranvichaiya, CEO of Chiiwii LIVE, and partners from Techsauce, Susie A. Ruff from RUFF & CO. Business Innovation has planned and carried out the Health Tech Stage, which provided the unique opportunity to spread knowledge about Nordic Health Innovation to the Southeast Asia.

- The co-creation of Health Tech Stage with Techsauce and Dr. Sakunee provided a huge opportunity to share Nordic experiences and results in the use of new technology and 'Deep Tech' in the health sector, says Susie A. Ruff from RUFF & CO.

Insight into a Nordic strength position

With their vast experience in health innovation Susie A. Ruff and Dr. Sakunee Niranvichaiya took the participates through an exciting full-day program focusing on opportunities and challenges in health technology.

Experts from Health Tech companies from the Nordic countries participated with presentations and as panellists and shared their experience and knowledge from the Nordic approach. Among them were OpenTeleHealth, Lykkegaard Studios and RUFF & Co. Business Innovation from Denmark; Peili Vision and GoodLife Technology from Finland; and Moonwhale from Sweden.

- The Nordic countries have a strong position in Health Tech. Combined with our user-driven and needs-driven approach involving patients and citizens in the development of health care products and services, we have come a long way. We are very pleased to share this in the Southeast Asia by involving Health Tech companies from the Nordic region, says Susie A. Ruff.

The large number of participants at the Health Tech Stage proved the immense interest for Nordic health tech and innovation for the health sector – and most importantly, the great interest in hearing about the possibilities for cross-border cooperation.

Among the topics that were highlighted and discussed were:

  • The need for user-friendly health care and health technology: Why is it so important to focus on citizens, patients and healthcare professionals?
  • New technologies in the healthcare sector: The use of Block chain, Virtual Reality and other Deep Tech.
  • How do we design health technology for the aging population; in Europe and in Asia?
  • Collaboration between companies, start-ups and SMEs: What are investors looking for?
  • The future of health technology in hospitals, home care, etc.
  • Healthcare data: How do we do across borders?

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