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German Nursing Homes Try Out Danish Welfare Technology

In 2018, two German nursing homes and one Danish one will be trying out welfare technology from the Danish company, ANYgroup. The solution is a sensor-controlled call system, which improves security for residents, their relatives and associated staff in nursing homes.

From now until summer 2018, three nursing homes affiliated with the Danish-German project, Demantec will try out the Danish-developed call system, IntelligentCARE. Two nursing homes in Germany and one in Denmark will try out IntelligentCARE in practice and give feedback on how the solution can improve security for the nursing homes’ residents, their relatives and associated staff.

- IntelligentCARE for institutions is an intelligent call system with different products that target patients with dementia and the elderly. The call system alerts the nursing staff immediately when an individual needs help: either when the individual personally calls for help using a manual emergency call or when the sensors activate an emergency call automatically. That means, for instance, that individuals with dementia, who are not able to activate an emergency call by themselves, are also guaranteed help, says Henrik Klode, CEO of ANYgroup, who came up with the solution. 

For example, the three nursing homes will investigate whether the call system can free up resources in terms of routine checks of the residents, so the care staff can concentrate on what is absolutely necessary. The test period will also investigate whether the call system can give relatives more peace of mind, knowing, for example, that their spouse will always receive help when it is needed. 

Input for the adaptation of the technology

Dementia is a growing challenge, not only in Denmark and Germany, but also throughout the Western world, and is placing increasing pressure on the healthcare sector. In an age of limited resources and a lack of labour, a lot of attention is being given to technological solutions, which can relieve the pressure on professionals, giving them more time to attend to their nursing and care responsibilities. 

- IntelligentCARE is well established on the Danish market, and we are delighted about implementing the solution in the German nursing homes. We have adapted our solution to the German market, and we are now ready to roll out IntelligentCARE for nursing homes, home care and hospitals in all German-speaking countries, says Henrik Klode.

The first part of the test was initiated in early November 2017 in the Gotthard-und-Anna-Hansen-Stift nursing home in Flensborg. The test in the Danish nursing home, Grønningen, in Aabenraa Municipality, was put into operation at the end of November, while the test in the second German nursing home, Pflegezentrum Techau in Lübeck, starts up in January 2018.

The results will be interesting: both for ANYgroup and the other partners and network partners in Demantec. They will gain insight into a variety of market preferences and into how technologies should be scaled and adapted from one country to another, across cultures, in order to create value. The partners will also get feedback and new views on how to further develop solutions for the care of patients with dementia. 

Increased security and more resources for care

IntelligentCARE comprises various sensors, which can trigger alarms. One of the sensors is a bed sensor, which sends a message to nursing staff, if an individual leaves his/her bed without returning. The system can also display graphic overviews of when and how many times a patient leaves his/her bed. Nursing staff can use this information to optimise their care efforts for each individual. 

Another sensor is a motion sensor, which can tell, for instance, whether an individual is going to the toilet. It can also display a graphic overview of when and how many times an individual goes to the toilet. This can provide an early indication of possible illness, which is usually hard to articulate in the case of an individual suffering from dementia. 

The three nursing homes will also try out a manual emergency call, an emergency call with two-way communication, door sensors and dementia protection. All this will help increase security for patients, relatives and nursing staff, at the same time freeing up resources for care and other important tasks.  

In the course of the test, the three nursing homes will conduct a midway evaluation, in which any adaptations and adjustments will be addressed. When the test is over, it will be up to each nursing home to assess whether IntelligentCARE should be implemented as a permanent feature of the nursing home.

ANYgroup, Aabenraa Municipality and Gotthard-und-Anna-Hansen-Stift in Flensborg, under the aegis of Diako Pflegenetz, are all partners in Demantec.

For further information

Today ANYgroup has more than 6,000 solutions in Denmark and Greenland. 

Read more on www.intelligentcare.com 

If you would like to learn more about IntelligentCARE and the trial at Gotthard-und-Anna-Hansen-Stift in Flensborg, feel free to contact the CEO, Henrik Klode: T. +45 2076 1943, hk@intelligentcare.com 

About Demantec

Demantec is a Danish-German collaboration between companies, health professionals and researchers, and education institutions who are working to promote higher quality of life for people with dementia and improve the care services through new technology. 

Demantec is supported by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with funds from The European Regional Development Fund, and The Southern Denmark Growth Forum (Syddansk Vækstforum). 

See more at demantec.eu (in German and Danish only) 


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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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