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New App Replaces Printed Instructions in Hospitals in Southern Denmark

Clinicians in the joint emergency department at Odense University Hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark now have quick, easy access to their pocket cards and other relevant health information. ‘MyMedCards PRO App’ replaces the former wall of printed instructions, pocket cards etc., which constantly need to be printed, updated and replaced. It saves time, money and a great number of important resources.

MyMedCards is a digital solution, which, in the form of an app, consolidates all relevant health professional information and instructions. In collaboration with the Region of Southern Denmark, the app is now being tried out in the emergency department at OUH Odense University Hospital. All doctors, nurses and other clinicians have now been given access to the use of ‘RSYD MyMedCards’, and the collaboration has got off to a really good start.

- It will be fascinating to see whether the project will enable us to link more ‘systems’ for clinicians, resulting in fewer sites for updated information in terms of manuals, guidelines etc. In the project we will work on providing clinicians with the most widely used Infonet guides in the same app as the pocket cards, making sure that only the appropriate staff members have access to the app, says Marie-Louise Krog, an innovation consultant at the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) at OUH Odense University Hospital. 

Ambassadors for maintenance of the app

The preliminary results of the collaboration bode well. The joint emergency department at OUH has taken really well to the MyMedCards app, and it is already being used by a large proportion of the staff, including doctors, nurses and social and healthcare assistants. In addition, they have found some highly committed ambassadors for the app, who ensure constant maintenance, thereby really improving everything.

- When introducing MyMedCards in the joint emergency department at OUH, we talked about the current procedures for pocket cards, and at FAM (emergency department) it must be said that the pocket cards play an essential role. In the department there is a whole wall plastered with pocket cards, all of which have to be updated and maintained by doctors, nurses and secretaries, says Doctor Sarah Bach Munkholm, founder and CEO of MyMedCards.

Trials and user feedback essential

They have also been given their own MyMedCards in North Denmark Region with their own content. The region and its clinicians have been close collaborators in the development of MyMedCards PRO, with continuous feedback and suggestions for continued development of the app. 

- We are thrilled about all the help we have received from people in our efforts to make MyMedCards a success. From the start we have received so much feedback from committed MyMedCards users throughout Denmark, which makes us very happy and proud. It is their use of it that has made the app so popular and helped so many health professional groups throughout the country. But why not give the committed employees credit for what they are doing, at the same time making it easier for us to get feedback? That way we can make sure that together we can make MyMedCards even better in the future. That is why we have launched some initiatives that enables healthcare professionals to become part of MyMedCards – Health Appie and Content Ambassador, says Sarah Bach Munkholm.

For more information about MyMedCards, visit: www.mymedcards.dk

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