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For more than ten years, MariCare Oy has created remarkable innovations and made up to 3,000 installations for elderly people to live in a safe, homelike environment with the safety products around them. Read more about MariCare - our monthly profile: My Welfare Tech.

MariCare is well known for the Elsi Smart Floor, which tracks the motion and position of human bodies relative to their positions on the floor. MariCare also provides a number of other security products for elderly care facilities to improve service and the quality of life in six different countries across two continents i.e. Sweden, Finland, France, Denmark, Australia and Norway.

MariCare is looking at Denmark, and especially Odense, as a frontrunner within health tech. We met with Mervi Peltonen, Sales Manager, at this year’s WHINN in Odense. Mervi Peltonen is telling about the company’s forces, membership of the Welfare Tech cluster and her view on health tech – and challenges.

Why is MariCare a member of Welfare Tech?

- MariCare became a member of Welfare Tech in 2012. Then our solutions were under the company name; MariMils. Since the beginning we have had a good co-operation with WelfareTech, which helped the communication between our company and the Danish municipalities. One of our important references is Skovhuset Plejecenter in Hillerød. Also, the municipality provided us with a place to test and develop solutions.

What are your benefits of being a member?

- Our benefits as a member are among others: networking, linking together with correct contacts and advocating businesses, municipalities, projects, research and innovation. The focus areas are right for MariCare, for instance preventive health and aging. I am also interested in the network connected to Welfare Tech, i.e. Demantec, the Danish-German dementia cooperation.

What is your contribution to the other members in the Welfare Tech cluster?

- The cluster is a valuable network and we have co-operation with many members. Best examples are the close co-operation with Business Finland and our new reseller for our eLea Activity Sensing: Welldana Innocare. Also, we collaborate with the municipalities. And then we are also interested in sharing our knowledge as to elderly and people with dementia.

What is at your special attention at the moment?

- We have just started a pilot project in Aalborg and installed our eLea Solution in the first test apartment. Here, nurses from the home care can be trained. The plan is to install our solution in 10 elderly homes and test over a period of 4-6 months. Copenhagen Municipality also started function tests for eLea.

- I would also like to spread the word out of our upgraded Elsi Care Solution 3.5, which is the brain behind the Elsi smart floor. It has a live layout view of the whole ward, in a nursing home and resident motion monitoring. You get information about the resident’s daily activity, sleeping behavior, bathroom visit calculation and the trend up to 6 months. It is also a management’s tool for prioritizing who to help next. It indicates and alerts of falls in a nursing home and hospital. Elsi Smart Floor has also been proven to reduce falls.

 What is the biggest challenge within the health tech market?

- I think we need to take a walk in our clients’ shoes. There are so many innovations and solutions. Which one will make a difference, or change the way of working? Which innovations are safe and keeps customer data secured, which data benefits our organization and the residents, which solutions provide preventive care and is a scope in the future?

- These are some of the many questions, that we need to answer and discuss. Within health it is a fact that there will be fewer hands, more elderly people and less time. Technology can support living in own home and creating new ways of working with the elderly for health workers. Also technology can be supporting and reassuring for the relatives. These are some of the advantages with technology, says Mervi Peltonen.

If you want to know more about MariCare, Elsi Smart Floor or eLea Activity Sensing, visit the website or contact Mervi Peltonen, Sales Manager, at P: +358 40 194 1485 or E:

See how Elsi Smart Floor works: 

MariCare has been a member of Welfare Tech since October 2012.


Mervi Peltonen

Sales Director


T: +358 40 194 1485

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