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Positive results from Nordic project NorDen3C

5 Danish companies have signed contracts in Norway, 29 companies have participated in one or more activities. 6 Danish municipalities have participated in a recently ended project NorDen3C. See more results in the infographic and read about upcoming activities in a new project NorCare.

Through the project NorDen3C(Norway - Denmark Caretech Cluster Collaboration), members of Welfare Tech have made positive results. The project is also continued in a new Nordic project: NorCare. Here is an overview of some of the results in the completed project (see infographic below) - and upcoming activities in the new project.

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Great results from NorDen3C and upcoming activities in new project

"As to the NorDen3C project, we have succeeded in creating collaborations between Danish and Norwegian companies and providing access to each other's markets," says Karen Lindegaard, Senior Consultant at Welfare Tech. "More than 80 companies have stated that the Nordic countries are a strategic focus. There is a lot to win for companies creating partnerships with companies from other Nordic countries. At the same time, in the other Nordic countries there are a number of welfare technology companies that have products that are as far as the Danish ones. So therefore, it makes good sense seeking partnerships, says Karen Lindegaard. 

Even though the project, NorDen3C, is completed, the existing collaborations and partnerships will be transferred to the new project, NorCare. Norcare is already running and ends in June 2019.

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