Key to Public Procurement in Denmark

Are you interested in the Danish market for health and welfare technology? Grab 4 quick links to monitor relevant tenders.

In Denmark purchase of health and welfare technology, is in large done by public entities, i.e. regions (for healthcare) and municipalities (for homecare). Here we present 4 quick links to monitor relevant tenders.  

Link 1: All public tenders above the threshold value must be published on udbud.dk.

Link 2: The threshold value depends on the product type, but also by the buyer. If you want to know more about threshold values, you will find information on the procurement portal.

Link 3: A good place to keep an eye on tenders both below and above the threshold is at Comdia. At Comdia, you also have the opportunity to publish your innovative solutions.

Link 4: Another place you can publish your solutions is in the aid database.

Please be aware that healthtech and welfare technology are still an emerging market, hence a lot of the market consist of under threshold direct purchases by the municipalities. 

In the NorCare collaboration between clusters in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland we aim to bring you closer to the priorities that the Nordic municipalities have while purchasing new Health & Care Technology.

Follow the activities that are coming up on NorCare linkedIn Group.

Comdia is a Processio product – Processio is member of Welfare Tech.

Become part of NorCare

Companies and organisations can be involved in NorCare's activities and take part as a network partner. Please contact Karen Lindegaard, Senior Consultant, Welfare Tech, T. +45 2461 1931, karli@welfaretech.dk, for more information.




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