Electronic citizen record save time in the care sector

Easy documentation, overview and focus on senior citizen’s individual needs is a dream-scenario for most caregivers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to practice during a busy work day. The Danish municipality Slagelse now give their professional caregivers a helping hand by introducing an electronic citizen record that saves valuable time.

Carers in the Danish municipality of Slagelse can now look forward to a new citizen record system when they implement the Columna Cura setup, as supplied by Systematic, at the turn of the year. This decision places Slagelse in the slipstream of numerous other Danish local authorities that have opted for this Systematic solution over the last three years. A total of 32 Danish municipalities have now purchased the system, and 20 have already rolled out this solution.

- We are very pleased with the confidence that the Slagelse municipal authorities have shown in our system, and we are looking forward to working with them on introducing it, declares Systematic Group Senior Vice President Henrik Jespersen.

Slagelse Municipality has about 70,000 inhabitants and has invested in the care component of the Cura system for use by the municipality’s home care professionals and nursing home staff.

- In the care sector, it is important that the staff are able to focus their attention on the person receiving help so that they get the best possible care and attention. The system is designed so care staff spend the least possible time on using it, and that’s the reason we have placed so much emphasis on easy system navigation and an easy-to-use interface. In addition, the system can be accessed via a tablet, which staff can have with them on the job so they don’t have to always swing past an office in the course of the day to access a computer, says Henrik Jespersen.

20 Danish municipalities have already taken the Columna Cura system into use, covering the needs of more than 1.8 million Danish citizens. An additional 12 Danish municipalities are scheduled to implement the Columna Cura system during 2018, by which time this new-generation citizen record system will be meeting the needs of almost 50 % of the Danish population.

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