New survey – the Danes are ready for telemedicine

The Danes are positive about treatment with technological aids like telemedicine in their own home, shows a new survey. Denmark's largest IT supplier, Atea, expects to triple the turnover of IT deliveries to the healthcare sector within the next three years.

TTelemedicine and other healthcare technologies are rapidly entering the Danish healthcare system. And the Danes are positive about the new technological possibilities such as telekit, video consultations with health professionals and self-monitoring. 

A new survey among 1,000 Danes conducted by YouGov for Atea shows that 41 % agree that telemedicine increase the quality of the Danish healthcare system. Only 12 % completely or partially disagree, while the rest are undecided.

Seniors are ready for home treatment

It is especially for the treatment and control of chronic diseases such as COPD or diabetes that home telemedicine is gaining ground among the Danes. According to the survey, a full 59 % prefer home telemedicine treatment, while only 23% prefer to go to the hospital. Quite surprisingly, more elderly than younger prefer home treatment.

- Basically, the Danes are positive towards telemedicine treatment. In my opinion, technological solutions are one of the obvious tools to solve the demographic development we are facing, which is putting increasing pressure on both staff and hospital locations in the coming years, says Morten Bo Jørgensen, Director of Public Clients at Atea.

Great potential in telemedicine

Atea is one of the leaders in the field, and as Denmark's largest IT supplier, the company has ambitions to grow significantly within health technology solutions in the coming years.

In 2018 alone, Atea made sales of +90 million Euro to the health sector in Denmark. That turnover is expected to triple over the next three years.

- We want to be the preferred provider of health technology solutions to the healthcare sector, including in the field of telemedicine for patients with COPD, diabetes and heart patients, for example. The goal is for the technology to free up staff time, which can instead devote resources to the core mission; efficient treatment and personal care, says Morten Bo Jørgensen.

For many years Atea has provided IT solutions to the Danish healthcare system, which ranges widely from the IT foundation such as network, security and operations, to the more citizen-friendly solutions that on the one hand improve the patient experience in the hospitals and on the other hand move parts of treatment home to citizens.

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Image: Danske Regioner.

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