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Two new openings in German healthcare market

Get into direct contact with actors in the German healthcare system and get their professional assessment of your product and business opportunities in digital health and care in Germany. On September 10-12, Welfare Tech and healthcare technology clusters from the other four Nordic countries will organize a fact-finding trip to Hanover. There are still seats available.

Now there are new exciting opportunities to enter the German health technology market. There is new demand for companies that can develop health-promoting apps, and companies that can improve health workers' job satisfaction. A change of law and a new focus will open up the two new business areas.

Interested companies should join the study tour Deep Dive, which introduces Nordic companies to the German market. Deep Dive takes place 10-12. September 2019 in Hanover.

Are you offering healthcare APPs?

German GPs are now allowed to prescribe apps that can support patients meeting their personal health goals. For example, it may be apps that support people with mental health challenges or apps that monitor the user's health values. This opens an exciting opportunity for healthcare technology companies, offering apps that meet the needs and requirements of the German Healthcare Insurances.

At the Deep Dive, participants will meet German insurance companies and other healthcare actors who will be able to provide feedback on the Nordic solutions.

Does your solution keep healthcare employees happy?

Another interesting business area for Nordic health technology suppliers is a major focus area in the German healthcare sector. In many places, recruiting and retaining skilled healthcare employees is a challenge. Therefore, the well-being, health and workplace-satisfaction of employees, is the new priority for many healthcare actors. This may open a future German market for suppliers that produce solutions for, for example, task management, participatory planning of work schedules, route planning (for ambulant healthcare actors), stress management or other health promoting technologies.

Achieve insight to market at start building a relevant network

Welfare Tech and collaborating health-tech clusters from the four other Nordic countries are organising a study trip to Germany, where participants will have access to direct dialogue with healthcare players. The tour will provide a valuable insight into the needs and challenges of the German digital health and care market. Join us and get feedback on how your products and solutions fit the needs of potential German partners. Deep Dive will establish a direct contact between Nordic companies and the German market for health- and care-technology.



Deep Dive introduces Nordic companies to the German market for health and welfare technology.

Deep Dive is a fact-finding trip to Hanover, organized by Welfare Tech and health and welfare technology clusters from the other Nordic countries in collaboration with the German cluster, Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover (GWH). 

The Deep Dive offers you:

  • 3 day programme 
  • Visits to German Nursing-homes, homecare providers and hospitals
  • Insights to challenges and demands in the healthcare institutions 
  • Opportunity to pitch your product
  • Match to German companies
  • Access to relevant German – and Nordic network
  • Read more about Deep Dive here

Deep Dive in Hannover is part of the Digital Health & Care 4.0, Supported by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Priministers under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges Initiative.


Supported by

Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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