Trendspotting at NorCare event in Copenhagen

The Danish eco-system for health and care technologies and current trends in public procurement and implementation was on the agenda when NorCare invited to a two-day seminar: Find your way to succeed in the Danish market.

Fifty attendees and passionate speakers exchanged knowledge and business cards when Welfare Tech, as part of NorCare, hosted to a two-day seminar in February 2019. The topic for discussion was how Nordic companies realise the potential for the Danish health care market. 

Current trends in the Danish health and social sector

The Danish welfare system is similar to the welfare systems in other Nordic countries. The number of smaller hospitals has been reduced in recent years in favour of seven big and highly specialised well-equipped hospitals which are under construction.  

The trend of centralising and specialising at big hospitals is balanced by citizen-centred care in the municipalities. The municipalities provide a variety of health services, such as out-patient rehabilitation and preventive and health-promoting initiatives. 

- Across primary care and hospitals (driven by five regions) and health and social services (driven by 98 municipalities) the eco-system, regardless ownership, seems to grow and to be strengthened at the moment, says Steffen Rugtved, director EG Team Online. 

This trend has been even more intensified by recent governmental initiatives such as ‘The Common Citizen Plan' from 2018 which Steffen Rugtved describes as a real game changer.  Steffen Rugtved and Linette F. Schamaitat, product manager for Nexus API, KMD, pinpointed the following trends on the Danish market for health and care technologies: 

  • Continuous streamlining of citizen services 
  • Increasing requirements for quality of treatment
  • Mastery of own life (self-mastery) 
  • Demand for cross-sector integrations – e.g. social care blending into health and elder care
  • Data collection for sector optimisation
  • Heterogenous platforms across vendors

- A couple of years ago we had far less active partner integrations than we do today. Today integrations are an upfront question in the dialogue with purchasers and health care staff in the municipalities. Purchasers often aim for products and solutions that benefit and fit into an ecosystem, and therefore can answer numerous demands across organizational boundaries and job functions, says Linette F. Schamaitat, product manager - Nexus API, KMD.

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