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New Nordic-German collaboration supports Nordic health tech companies to go to market in Germany

Are your products right for the German market? Get the insights you need to make a first GO or NO-GO decision.

The German health and social care sector is rapidly transforming due to demographic changes and a series of reforms that are being implemented these years. During this three-hour seminar German experts in health and care will provide you with information about:

  • How is the structure of the German healthcare sector?
  • What are the challenges in the German health and social care system? 
  • How open is the German care market for health technologies? 
  • What kind of solutions has the greatest potentials?
  • What are the trends in the German healthcare market?
  • What is the reimbursement model in Germany?

What do you need to consider before entering the German market? The seminar is delivered by five Nordic health and care tech clusters that have joined forces to bring Nordic health and care innovations to Germany, under the initiative Digital Health & Care 4.0., in collaboration with the German cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover (with members from hospitals, nursing homes, homecare-providers, healthcare insurance companies, and AT suppliers). 

It is free to join the seminar, and you are welcome to join it at the location most convenient for you. Please follow the links to sign up:

February 26th 2019 - Copenhagen (Denmark)  -  Link: Welfare Tech

February 27th 2019 - Gothenburg (Sweden)  -  Link: Business Region Gothenburg

February 28th 2019 - Oulu (Finland)  -  Link: Oulu Health/ Oulu City

March 4th 2019 - Stavanger (Norway)  -  Link: Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

March 4th 2019 - Livestreaming  -  Link: Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

NB! Live streaming can be followed in real-time or watched as a video at your convenience. However, you need to sign-up to get access.

6-step to clarify if you are ready for the German market

The market introduction seminar is the first of a 6-step model that will help you clarify if you are ready for the German Healthcare market – now, or later:

Step 1. German Market introduction seminar

Step 2. Webinars giving you in-depth knowledge about the German market and the German business culture

Step 3. Deep Dive visit to the health and care market in Hannover, Germany

Step 4. MAST evaluation. Benchmark your products against the German market

Step 5. 1-to-1 market validation from German Experts: What should be your next move

Step 6. Joint Nordic exhibition at Altenpfege 2020 – feedback from potential buyers

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NB! All activities will be held in English

Digital Health & Care 4.0 is financed by Nordic Innovation under the “Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges initiative”

Digital Health & Care 4.0 is financed by Nordic Innovation and the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries, under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges Initiative


Supported by

Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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