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International success for interactive tiles

Flashing plastic tiles that change their color improve both motoring skills and attention. The Danish motoric game, Moto Tiles, is popular as a training tool for disabled and elderly. The game has recently been praised in both Finland and Singapore.

The interactive stepping game Moto Tiles is popular in both Denmark and other countries. Professor Henrik Hautop Lund from Danish Entertainment Robotics, who produces the popular training tool, tells that not long ago the electronic squares were applauded on a foreign TV show and at an award show.

Moto Tiles have been used in a ‘home fitness-project’ in Finland. The project’s goal is to increase the use of technology products in rehabilitation of the senior citizens. A finnish TV show highly recommended the tiles and showed a group of elderly who trained their motoring skills and their reactions with the tile game. Among other things the TV show praised the Danish tiles for lifting the mood of cancer patients and seniors. The physical training helps the users to sleep better.

Improves balance

A Finnish senior said on the TV show:

- My balance and my attention have evolved by using the game. I must constantly focus on the lights on the tiles that change all the time. After having trained with the game my balance is so much better and I'm not afraid of falling when I walk anymore, says the man with a smile.

The interactive tiles are laid out on the floor and the players are supposed to step on them. As the light in the tiles changes color, players must move their feet and step on other tiles. The game improves balance, coordination and attention.

Won prize in Singapore

Also in Singapore, Entertainment Robotics' tiles are popular. The Moto Tiles have just won an award for best dementia solution at the "Oscars of the Eldercare Industry", the Asia-Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards.

- It was amazing, says Henrik Hautop Lund from Danish Entertainment Robotics.

The award was given for Moto Tiles’ interactive training of the seniors. Moto Tiles were rewarded for developing an automatic generation of personalized training protocols that automatically adapts to the elderly's individual needs for physical and cognitive training.

Entertainment Robotics is a member of Welfare Tech.

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