Welfare Tech wins gold for the third time

For the third time, Welfare Tech has been rewarded the EU Commission's gold certificate for promoting health through collaboration. Denmark is a leader in cooperation between private companies, research institutions, and the public sector. The EU-certification strengthens Denmark's position in the European market for collaboration on innovative health solutions.

The health care sector, the public administrations and the private businesses in Denmark are good at collaborating, and this arouses international recognition. Welfare Tech has recently been rewarded with the EU Commission's gold certificate. The gold medal was given for good networking between partners I health care technology, which patients and health care professionals can benefit from in the future.

- If we are to meet the many challenges that our health sector faces we need to cooperate across the public welfare system, our companies and research and educations. Both the public system and private businesses in Denmark are eager to optimize the welfare area, and it is nice that the EU rewards us for our ability to create network and cooperation, says Christian Graversen, CEO at Welfare Tech.

Cooperation provides export opportunities

The gold recognition from the EU is not just a pat on the back for the cooperation in Denmark. It is also a direct path to increased export opportunities for some of Welfare Techs approximately 200 members.

- An EU gold certification can open doors to international collaborations in health and innovation. Here our members can gain access to large international companies, network, and development partners. Without the certificate these potential partners can be difficult to get in touch with, says Christian Graversen.

Projects provides new contacts

The Danish and German project ‘Demantec’ is a good example of an international cooperation that Welfare Tech has been a part of. In ‘Demantec’ Danish and German partners in the field of health have collaborated to develop welfare technologies targeted people with dementia. The project has resulted in new knowledge on the needs and requirement in the area across the Danish-German border.

The participating network partners have gained new contacts for export and cooperation.

Another example is the ILDA-Care project, in which partners have worked with intelligent logistics and automated work processes in home care and nursing homes in Europe.

- The endorsement of our ability to create cooperation between private businesses, the public health care sector and the research institutions is highly appreciated. The projects that the gold certification can lead us to give our members invaluable insight and knowledge to adapt their solutions to the demands both in Denmark and abroad, says Christian Graversen, CEO at Welfare Tech.

Facts about gold certification for clusters

  • The Danish health and welfare technology cluster, Welfare Tech, has been rewarded the EU Commission's most prestigious price, the "Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative" (ECEI).
  • This is the third time that Welfare Tech receives the certification, which is valid for three years at a time.
  • The European Cluster Excellence Initiative, ECEI, monitors more than 1,000 registered clusters in 40 countries. The certification rewards expertise in a number of areas and has a particular focus on generating results and adding value to the cluster's business enterprises.



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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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