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App ensures closer communication between residents at nursing homes and relatives

It can be difficult for residents in nursing homes and relatives to keep in touch on a daily basis. A new Danish app can help the two parties to communicate.

Many residents in nursing homes feel lonely. They are no longer part of the groups they used to belong to at work or in their social life. Therefore, many depend on the relationship with their families. Furthermore, many residents have difficulties using modern technology like smartphones and email. A new app from IBG helps the residents to communicate.

The IBG Connect app involves relatives in the life their family member leads in the nursing home. The relatives and the resident can even communicate through the app.

A look into grandma’s life

Information on activities, meals, photos, personal documents and even work schedules for the employees. These are some of the things the new app provides. Family members can even be notified when their relative joins the group for meals.

- With the Connect app family members feel closer to their relatives in nursing homes. They can keep in touch with their parent or spouse, and they will always have things to talk about. The app assures the relatives that their elderly or weakened family member leads an active life with access to experiences and social events, says Jeppe Slot Stauning, General Manager at IBG ProReact.

With the consent of the resident, the employees in the nursing home administer the content in the app and decide who has access to which information.

Secure and personal communication   

IBG Connect is a communication channel used in several Danish nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Therefore, many residents are familiar with the simple layout and user-friendly interface of the app. 

- With the Connect app, the senior citizens can take part in the rest of the family’s daily life. They can read stories and see pictures from events with their grandchildren, says Jeppe Slot Stauning.

Through the app, the employees can even communicate directly with the relatives at home, which makes it easier to make decisions on behalf of the resident. 

IBG Connect is part of IBG – Interactive Guide for Citizens, which is used in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout Denmark. 

IBG ProReact is a member of Welfare Tech.

For mere information om IBG Connect/IBG ProReact, så kontakt Jeppe Slot Stauning på T. +45 3615 0520, jss@proreact.dk.

IBG ProReact er medlem af Welfare Tech.

Foto: Modelfoto - IBG ProReact.


Jeppe Slot Stauning

IBG ProReact

T: +45 3615 0520

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