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Profile of the month: J. Honoré Care

Better implementation of health and care technology through training of therapists in Danish municipalities, collaborations and the development of sensors to bidets. J. Honoré Care is profile of the month.

J. Honoré care is specialist and provider of intelligent toilet solutions and other assistive equipment in Denmark, ensuring a dignified and barrier-free toilet visit for everyone. J. Honoré Care provides equipment in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Mads Honoré Jacobsen, Business Development Manager at J. Honoré Care, tells here about J. Honoré Care’s competencies and position in Welfare Tech, and their view on today’s market for health and care technology.

Why is J. Honoré Care a member of Welfare Tech?

- We are members because Welfare Tech has been good at creating interesting events and generally contributing positively to the social debate concerning health and care technology. At the same time, the cluster provides access to a big network of both private operators and municipal decision-makers.

What do you gain of being a member of Welfare Tech?

- We get a chance to meet other operators in the market and participate in various network meetings and events.

What does J. Honoré Care contribute with or offer other members of the cluster?

- We contribute with experience and professional feedback. For members from the public sector, we can help to exchange expertise and counselling within our field. We are also open to collaboration with other companies in areas where our competencies or products could complement each other.

What are you working on anything lately?

- We are currently focused on supporting our clients from the public sector with better implementation of the wash-and-dry bidets. We do that by offering training and lessons to a group of municipal therapists who work with the examination of our products.

- In addition, we have collaborated with Device Intelligence and developed a sensor to our product CareBidets. The sensor can gather objective data on how the products are used and how often. 

 What do you think is the biggest trend or challenge on the current market?

- Our biggest challenge at the moment is to find a way in the to UK market. Currently, we are screening potential distributors who can control the distribution and sale of our products in the UK. We are gladly receiving advice and experiences from other members with activities in the UK.

For more information about J. Honoré Care, visit https://www.honorecare.dk/english or contact Mads H. Jacobsen, Product Manager, M: +45 7556 3244, mads@honorecare.dk.

J. Honoré Care has been a member of Welfare Tech since January 2018.

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Mads Honoré Jacobsen

Business Development Manager

J. Honoré Care ApS


T: +45 7556 3244

M: +45 2269 0791

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