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Boblberg and Danish Red Cross want to battle loneliness in Denmark

The digital citizen-to-citizen platform Boblberg and Danish Red Cross have formed a strategic collaboration. Together they want to unite 135,000 digitally engaged Danes with 240 local departments from Danish Red Cross, 34,000 volunteers and potentially all the Danish municipalities.

1 out of 5 Danes feel left out of society. That is why Boblberg and Danish Red Cross are collaborating to reduce the number of lonely people and those who feel left out. The goal is to bring 500,000 Danes into the Boblberg community by the end of 2022.

- We want to make it easier to engage in communities. The step from “need” to “action” must be shorter. There should be endless ways for people to engage with each other. We believe in the digital platform as a door-opener between people, and we believe that Boblberg’s platform is holding the key to open that door, says Anders Ladekarl, Executive Secretary at Danish Red Cross.

More than 135,000 Danes are already engaging in communities. That is why Anders Ladekarl believes that the goal of reaching 500,000 engaging Danes are realisable concurrently with all the Danish municipalities that join in.

- We wish that the platform can help people find each other and create their own communities. We are proud that 80 % of the people seeking a community are being answered by people who want to engage, says Anders V. Stæhr, Co-founder of Boblberg.

The collaboration between Boblberg and Danish Red Cross is also open to other partners. Many wishes to have a community for sports, cooking, and nature while others seek help for personal issues.

Boblberg is a member of Welfare Tech.

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Anders Stæhr


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