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How to find your way into the Danish market

At a NorCare event in Copenhagen companies and municipalities gave advice on how to enter the Danish market for health and care technologies. In this article, we present takeaways from three keynote sessions.

Dos and don’ts shared by Sune Buch-Sloth, Senior Consultant for welfare technology, Rødovre Municipality

  • See your product as a service
    Explain the problem your product solves rather than the technology behind. Make sure the technology works. 
  • Engage with front end staff
    Get to know the managers, nurses and healthcare staff who knows citizen’s needs by heart. Cooperate closely with front end staff when developing technologies, develop prototypes and get feedback fast.
  • Efficiency comes later
    Efficiency focus kills engagement in a pilot project or early implementation phase. Efficiency promises belong in large-scale implementations. 

Small but important differences on evidence and engagement shared by Astrid Skaar, Product Specialist and Jan Inge Ebbesvik, Communication Manager, from Norwegian Motitech

  • The Danes likes evidence-based research 
    Product studies with positive outcomes made in the Nordic countries seem often sufficient in other markets. In Denmark Motitech experience that evidence-based research is highly valued, and seem to be a strong argument for health care investments.
  • Engage with the distributors
    The distributors are open, easy to cooperate with and positive to new companies. Motitech experience that the Danish market, compared to the Norwegian, handles the distributors as a resource and partner.

Collaborate as much as possible shared by Hanne Hansen-Nord, Sales Manager from Finnish NewIcon

  • Go for a pilot project 
    As a newcomer in the Danish market joining a pilot project is a shortcut to get to know the right people, maybe your first customer, to make effects visible and trustworthiness in a local setting.
  • Build your network in public funded triple helix projects
    In projects, you collaborate with innovative environments at universities, knowledge institutions, clusters, companies and public partners, e.g. municipalities and hospitals.
  • Partner up with companies who strive for the same customers as you
    You will learn from each other along the way, sometimes you even develop a shared solution and a strong offer to the customers. 

The event in Copenhagen is part of the Nordic collaboration project NorCare. Visit the NorCare project site

Upcoming event in NorCare: HIMMS & Health 2.0, Helsinki, Finland, 11-13 June 2019

NorCare is supported by the Baltic Sea Region - Innovation Express.

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