Think technology as an organisational transformation

The implementation of health and care technology has been given momentum due to the prospect of a lack of healthcare providers in the social and healthcare sectors.

Culture and management should be taken into account in every part of the implementation. The importance of keeping unity within the organisational setup and the citizens’ needs cannot be overrated when care technologies are being identified and implemented.

- We shall not continue doing things the same way and expecting different results with a better and cheaper outcome when we implement new technologies. We cannot think of the technology as a new service by itself. We have to take existing procedures and the citizens involvement up for review and rethink the term ‘services’, says Mickael Bech, Professor in the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University and former CEO at VIVE – The Danish Centre of Social Science Research.

When new care technology is implemented the services and tasks are altered. The same applies to the demanding skills set with the healthcare providers. According to Mickael Bech, the implementation requires organisational changes and insisting leadership support.  

- Some elements are obviously unpredictable during implementation, and you work with high complexity. However, the expectations of the new technology will only be met if one acknowledges that technology is not neutral within an organisation, concludes Michael Bech. 

The distribution of power and resources among employees changes when healthcare technology is being implemented. Michael Beck points out that it is essential that management recognises that there will be winners and losers in the organisational change because the technology challenges the informal privileges among the employees.

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Image source: Vive

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