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Health provider evaluates the effect of a mechanic turning and moving system

Four Danish municipalities have, in collaboration with The Danish Technological Institute, evaluated the impact of mechanic transfer systems to bedbound patients and seniors. Among them the mechanic transfer system Vendlet. The result is positive. There are great advantages for both patients and staff.

Improved quality of care and better work environment are two significant profits by using mechanic transfer systems to bedbound patients and seniors. A new evaluation from The Danish Technological Institute has evaluated what municipalities obtain by investing in mechanic transfer systems.

From 2016 to 2018 The Danish Technological Institute and four Danish municipalities: Aabenraa, Viborg, Ishøj and Copenhagen, have evaluated two Danish moving systems from Vendlet and TurnAid in home care facilities. A total of 328 systems were evaluated. 320 systems belonged to Vendlet and 8 belonged to TurnAid. The results are now public, and the recommendation is clear: The Danish municipalities should apply the systems as an aid and resource to accommodate the challenges with recruitment and staff retention.

Gentle care for the patient

The use of the mechanic turning and moving systems hold great advantages for the physical and mental wellbeing of bedridden patients. 

The evaluation shows that turning, lifting and moving a person with the moving systems can be bedsore preventive because shear and friction on the persons' skin is reduced. At the same time, technology is making the person being moved is feeling safer because the lifting is smooth and alike each time.

The evaluation points out four groups of people where the mechanic turning and moving system should be applied:

1. Bariatric people

2. People pervaded by pain like multiple fractures, terminal citizens or citizens with cancer pains

3. People with dementia, cognitive dysfunctions, anxiety or BPSD and psychiatric citizens.  

4. People with stiff and/or immobile body functions such as cerebral palsy, sclerosis, ALS, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, plagiarise, or Parkinson's disease.

Just do it!

The evaluation concludes that mechanic turning and moving systems have great advantages in both the work environment and in the quality of care. It means that other municipalities should get started. The technology is mature and intuitive for the staff, and the effects of the systems are visible shortly after being implemented.

Vendlet, Danish Technological Institute, Aabenraa Municipality and Copenhagen Municipality are all members of Welfare Tech. 

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