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WHINN Matchmaking – find your next match

Are you participating in WHINN this year? If so, remember to register for WHINN Matchmaking, where you will be meeting relevant people from companies and knowledge institutions, within the Danish as well as the ​international health sector. This year we have made a new tool, which will make it even more easy to find your next match!

WHINN matchmaking is a focused and effective way of meeting new people, municipalities and companies potential for co-operation. With the matchmaking-tool, it will become even more easy to schedule meetings with relevant people beforehand. Who knows, maybe your next costumer or partner will be attending as well.

What is your focus in proportion to WHINN and Matchmaking?

Linette Fibriger Schamaitat, Product Manager at KMD A/S, is participating again this year, and she is hoping to meet new and fascinating companies.

- What is most important to me is, that my profile are clear, and that it is obvious what I would like to obtain, and what I can offer at the matchmaking. I have, in general, two things that I focus on: The first one is to create attention to our partner program and make other companies aware of our existence. The other focus area is, to get into an informal dialogue with the decision-makers, and tell them about who we are and what we can offer. Matchmaking is a good and easy opportunity to meet relevant people, and prepare your participation at the conference. It is saving time for everyone!

- At the WHINN conference, I am keeping an eye out for new suppliers, and new products. I will also be checking the matchmaking tool, to see if there is anyone relevant. Then it is easier to start a dialogue!

Special request for companies and knowledge institutions

The innovation network Danish Healthtech and Welfare Tech are the ones behind WHINN Matchmaking. Lene Vistisen, project leader in Danish Healthtech, is having a special request for the companies and knowledge institutions:

- We are experiencing, that it can be hard to create the right contacts and start a dialogue companies and knowledge institutions in between. The relationship between public and private companies can turn out to be really beneficial for both parts. The companies can with advantage use the latest research as a foundation for further development of their products. At the same time, the knowledge institutions can view their research in practice., and help to create new projects for the companies. Therefore, it is smart to register for WHINN Matchmaking – and meet a new co-operator.

How is it beneficial for a knowledge institution to interact with a private company? >

- At Aalborg University we can see a number of benefits when the university is interacting with private companies. Research findings are being converted into products, that are useful for society, and helps solving concrete problems. Furthermore, the co-operation between private and public organizations are opening doors for more possibilities for funding. Most of the funds today, are giving out money to co-operation between public and private organizations., Kristian Kjær Petersen, a lecturer at institute for medicine and health technology at Aalborg university says.

- When knowledge institutions and private companies are co-operating, the private company is supporting the research and development of new solutions, that will become a part of the company’s product development. That the products can be commercialized and add value to the society, is an advantage for both the university and the company, says Charlotte Villadsen, a special consultant at Institute for Medicine and Health Technology.

How to sign up for WHINN Matchmaking

1. Go to Whinn.dk and register – REMEMBER TO MARK ‘Matchmaking’

2. You will get a message in your inbox regarding how to go to the next step, and create your profile.

It will only take 10 minutes to create your profile, and it is very important that you are specifying what you are searching for, and what you can offer (a small pitch). If you are searching for new international relations, you can create both a Danish and English version.

When you have created your profile, you can immediately view other profiles, schedule meetings or simply just check out the other participants.

What is WHINN?

Whinn is a conference with a focus on five groups of great immediate interest, such as digital health, home based healthcare, robotics and drones, inspiriting keynotes from Denmark as well as international, matchmaking, exhibitions, live-demonstrations of products and solutions and much more. The overall theme at WHINN 2019 is "Better healthcare through future technology".


Supported by

Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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