Danish Hospital brings digital medical cards into practice

Odense University Hospital and MyMedCards have agreed on a mutual agreement, that makes it easier to get MyMedCards in all departments at the Hospital. The agreement follows years of co-operation between MyMedCards and the emergency room and the anaesthesiologic department at two hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Patience and a good partnership can move mountains. That is the strategy MyMedCards have been following for years. 

MyMedCards have agreed on a mutual agreement with Odense University Hospital (OUH), that will make it easier to get MyMedCards in all the various departments at the Hospital. With the agreement healthcare professionals now get fast and straightforward digital access to applied healthcare instructions and information, that can help to make the right decisions as efficiently as possible.

- The search for information and guidelines is an essential task for healthcare professionals so that they can give the patients the best possible treatment. Therefore, it is important that the information is always updated, and easy to access to avoid mistakes, says Jan Dahlin and Inge Berthelsen, doctor and nurse at OUH.  

- With MyMedCards, all information is gathered into one app, and all medical cards are always updated to the newest version. There will never be any doubt regarding which version is the most recent. The app represents a great value because you save time now that all the medical cards are gathered in an online easy to access platform, says Jan Dahlin and Inge Berthelsen.  

The staff at the Hospital can always access the data on the phone they carry with them. They do not have to spend time finding an available computer, spend time on logging in to the system or go through an inconvenient search process. 

Digital solution instead of printed medical cards

MyMedCards is a digital healthcare platform replacing the inconvenient processes with the former printed medical cards, from where doctors and nurses get their instructions. With MyMedCards, all the information is gathered in an app, that can be used where and when it is necessary. The information is updated regularly, so the healthcare professionals always have access to the newest information, guidelines and instructions. 

- The MyMedCards app is following the latest development within healthcare technology, and we are making sure to update the platform frequently, so it lives up to the desires and values the customers have. Furthermore, we are cutting out all unnecessary features, so that the healthcare professionals can use their time where it really matters, with the patients, says Sarah Bach Munkholm, Doctor, CEO and Founder of MyMedCards. 

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