New white paper on Nordic Ambient Assisted Living

Health and care technologies that enable the elderly to lead an independent, active life is a stronghold in the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem. Welfare Tech has contributed to a new white paper introducing Nordic technologies for active and independent living at home.

The principles of the welfare state are core values in the Nordic countries, and the entire system strives to ensure good health, high quality of life and general happiness to all citizens. As the population is ageing and cost of health and care increases, welfare technologies are destined to play a vital role in enabling elderly to lead a secure, independent and active life in their own homes for a longer duration.    

A new white paper, published by Nordic Innovation and Nordic Welfare Centre, spotlight selected Nordic technologies that enable the elderly to lead an independent life in their own home. The technologies have been selected based on their proven track record. All are successfully implemented in elderly care and developed, tested and applied in cooperation with some of the best healthcare systems in the world. Several of them are members of Welfare Tech.

The technologies are divided into five categories  

Safety of Elderly Living at Home 
Monitoring solutions, GPS-based location services, fall detection devices, sensor technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that regis¬ter and analyse behavioural patterns. The technologies reduce the need for home care visits and provide comfort and safety for the elderly and their families.  

  • An example is the alarm system Alerto Care that monitors activity levels in the home without producing any visuals. If no movement is registered during a certain period of time, the system sends out an alarm to pre-selected contacts.   

Assistive Technologies and Devices
Technologies and devices that enable the elderly to move around freely inside and outside their home maintain their hygiene and carry out basic tasks of everyday life.   

  • An example is RotoBed® that enables elderly or infirm people to get safely in and out of bed. The bed is elevated into a seating position and then rotated to facilitate safe and effortless exit.     

Rehabilitation and Disease Management
Technologies that reduce or delay the need for care by allowing the elderly to participate in reha-bilitation activities or self-manage chronic disease, permitting users to take a more active part in their own care.   

  • Examples are DigiRehab, a digital rehabilitation tool using big data and artificial intelligence to provide an overview of a person’s rehabilitation process, motivation, activity levels and progression. The tool generates a tailored training programme to be carried out in the home, together with caregivers based on individual physical ability and rehabilitation potential.   
  • And ICURA Trainer, an app and sensor-based technology and exercise database that allows people to train by themselves, wherever and whenever they want.   

Robots and Automation
Automatic medicine dispensers, assistive eating devices, cleaning robots, communication robots and technology for rehabilitation and training.  

  • Examples are automated medicine dispensers such as Evondos, DoseSystem and MedicPen that reminds the elderly to take the correct doses of medicine at the right time and guides them through the process.  

Digital Solutions and Platforms
Communication and planning solutions that facilitate coordination and communication between care personnel, the elderly and their relatives.   

  • Examples are BEKEY, a digital key and lock system that allows efficient access management for all health staff delivering home care by giving access to the home using a smartphone or a tablet. 
  • And Phoniro Care, a cloud platform that offers modules for digital key management, timestamp and attendance, alarms and e-visits. 

Download White Paper

The White Paper Nordic Ambient Assisted Living is published by Nordic Innovation and Nordic Welfare Tech Centre, June 1th 2019.

This article is written based on content in the white paper. 

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