Why should you attend WHINN 2019?

Are you a nurse or clinician wondering if WHINN is a conference for you? We have asked a nurse and a laboratory director, both first-time attendees at WHINN. See why they attend WHINN 2019, and their thoughts on why other nurses and clinicians should do the same.

WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation - is a health tech conference. This year with a focus on Better Healthcare Through Future Technology.  

Anette Wulff Christiansen, Development Nurse at Odense University Hospital, and Mads Nybo, Laboratory Director at the Hospital of South West Jutland, are both attending WHINN for the first time this year. Both because health innovation technology is an essential part of their work.   

- I have to be very innovative and assess whether or not something can be used across and if we can bring in new things, says Mads Nybo.  

Mads Nybo manages a group of laboratories that work together transversely. He manages and runs these laboratories, and also think transversely to see the connection between the laboratories.   

- We try to see a connection between the different laboratory specialities, and whether you can use some techniques, equipment, material, a mindset or teaching, or something across the departments, so it benefits more, says Mads Nybo.  

Drones and networking

One of the main events at WHINN 2019 for Mads Nybo is the track about robots, AI and drones. At present, the laboratory sector shows great interest in the use of drones to transport tests (such as blood samples) and other things between hospitals. Mads Nybo and his team have also just filed in an application for a large AI project.  

Another reason why Mads Nybo has chosen to attend WHINN in 2019 is the general dialogue around innovation and the networking aspect.   

- I have heard about people who have attended previous WHINN events and met interesting profiles or encountered something else that they have never seen before. It is essential to find and meet new people and interact in new places to aid new ideas. If you do, what you usually do, then you get what you usually get, says Mads Nybo.  

Inspiration and initiatives for patients at home

For Anette Wulff Christiansen, the primary reason for participating in WHINN is also innovation. Like Mads Nybo, she works transverse, e.g. with supporting the staff when introducing new initiatives, and when something new has to be started and go across departments at the hospital.  

- I work a lot with the introduction of new employees and with instructions and inspiration for colleagues to get started and do small projects, says Anette Wulff Christiansen.  

She attends WHINN to get inspiration and stay up-to-date with what is happening in her area. She also wants to see how she and her colleagues can inform and support patients at home. E.g. how she and her colleagues can do things better, bothers their patients less and learn how to communicate more easily with them.  

Anette Wulff Christiansen first became aware of WHINN from a colleague, who had attended WHINN previously.   

- I heard about it and thought it might be interesting to participate. We are constantly trying to grow and evolve, and we need to discover how things work. The solutions don't present themselves, says Anette Wulff Christiansen.  

All-round programme and many interfaces  

Both Mads Nybo and Anette Wulff Christiansen are looking forward to be inspired at WHINN. Mads Nybo hopes to have epiphany-like experiences like "that was a good idea" and "we need to check that out". Anette Wulff Christiansen hopes to be inspired by how she and her colleagues can work smarter with communication to patients and with care in the wards.  

They both recommend WHINN to other health professionals in similar positions, pointing out that the program is very "all-round" with different interfaces.  

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